‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Spoilers: ‘Many People Die’

The Walking Dead mid-season finale left some viewers wondering where the shocking moments were. Usually fans can expect some serious drama, crazy deaths, or infamous comic book moments to play out on the mid-season finales. However, the Season 6 mid-season ending was a little lackluster.

While the episode set up some seemingly serious situations for Episode 9, one character did die during The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Fans said a final goodbye to Deanna, the leader of the Alexandria community, who passed her torch on to Rick and Michonne before going out killing zombies.

While fans were less than stunned after the mid-season finale, Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, promises that the mid-season premiere will be action packed. In fact, Kirkman claims that “many people die” in Episode 9, which airs on February 14. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed, “Episode nine is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done,” via a statement on Sunday night.

Walking Dead spoilers reveal that the episode is set to be huge. It seems that Jessie and both of her sons are done for when the show returns in 2016. Rumor has it that Jessie’s young son, Sam — whom fans watched begin to call for his mother while walking through a sea of zombies in the final seconds of the mid-season finale — will be pulled in to a group of walkers. Jessie, who is holding hands with Sam will try to save him; although, it’s too late and she will start to be pulled in to the heard. Jessie will have a hold of Carl and Rick and be forced to chop off her arm to save his son, who was holding baby Judith when last we saw him. Of course, Jessie’s oldest son, Ron, who already hates Rick and Carl, will see all of this go down and immediately become angry. Ron will allegedly draw a gun to shoot Rick, and Carl will step in front of the bullet. The shot will hit Carl in the eye and he’ll lose his eye.

The Walking Dead: Daryl and company meet Negan's group in mid-season premiere.
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Of course, there is so much more going on in the episode, which will likely feel more like a mid-season finale than premiere. Carol and Morgan will have to finish their battle. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham will encounter the Saviors for the first time. Fans of The Walking Dead comic books know that the Saviors are Negan’s group. Negan is the most notorious villain in the series and will most likely be seen for the first time in the Season 6 finale, when he’ll reportedly kill one of the characters by bashing their head in with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he’s named Lucille.

In the comic series, it is Glenn who suffers a death at the hands of Negan. However, Walking Dead fans went multiple episodes believing that Glenn was dead so killing him off only a few episodes after it was revealed he’s still alive and that he and Maggie are having a baby would just be cruel, right?

The Walking Dead spoilers: Negan's Saviors Appear in Mid-Season Premiere.
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As for Negan, Robert Kirkman says his appearance will totally change The Walking Dead forever. “This catalyst is going to be thrown in at some point in the future that’s just going to fundamentally change everything that we are doing,” he said during The Talking Dead.

It seems that things are about to take a very depressing turn on The Walking Dead, and if fans thought Rick and his group have seen evil and heartbreak before, then they are probably in for a shock.

What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead mid-season premiere spoilers?

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