Miami Dolphins News: Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor Fired

The latest Miami Dolphins news has offensive coordinator Bill Lazor being fired by the team, according to a report from the NFL.

Coming into the season, Dan Campbell was simply the tight ends coach for the Dolphins. A lot has changed since then. Miami fired Joe Philbin and replaced him with Campbell as the head coach. At just 39 years of age, Dan has only five years of coaching experience and they have all been with the Dolphins. Campbell has never been a coordinator or head coach at any level before. Upon getting the job, the Texas native fired defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle because his unit had underachieved tremendously.

After getting off to a decent start as the interim head coach, Campbell witnessed the Dolphins going through a slump. The offense simply could not produce and starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled during that stretch. That did not sit well with the management team in Miami, since they just signed the former Texas A&M star to a $95 million contract. Even though they are last in the AFC East, Campbell had to make a change. Lazor needed to be replaced as the offensive coordinator.

Ryan Tannehill The latest Miami Dolphins news has Ryan Tannehill being forced to adapt to a new offensive coordinator midway through the season because interim head coach Dan Campbell has decided to fire Bill Lazor. [Photo by Elsa/Getty Images ]What’s Next For Bill Lazor?

Lazor is actually not a bad coach. He simply was not a good fit with the vision that Campbell had for the Dolphins. As a blocking tight end himself and a disciple of Bill Parcells, the interim head coach wanted Miami to be a power running team. Lazor prefers a passing attack using schemes that he learned from Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly and Philbin, who was the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers before being hired by Miami. Campbell and Lazor butted heads frequently.

More than likely, Lazor is going to sit out the rest of the year and collect his paychecks from the Dolphins. He will have options next year in both the NFL and NCAA. Bill Lazor reportedly prefers staying on the professional level. While his reputation will take a little hit for being fired during the season, a lot of head coaches understand how difficult the season has been for Miami. Lazor can always rejoin Kelly in Philadelphia or wherever Chip ends up coaching next season. If Philbin gets picked up as a coordinator, then Lazor can sign up to be his quarterbacks coach.

Dan Campbell The latest Miami Dolphins news proves that head coach Dan Campbell is not afraid of making big changes as he has now fired both his offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator within a span of a couple weeks. [Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]What’s Next For Miami Dolphins?

The future for the Dolphins is a bit harder to predict. Management needs to make a decision on the head coaching position. Campbell has done a good job thus far so it would not come as a shock if Miami removed the interim tag and made the position a permanent one. If given the position, then Campbell will more than likely bring in his own people to fill the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator positions. Dan Campbell reportedly wants to field a team with a strong defense that grinds out opponents with a power rushing attack.

If the Dolphins opt to wipe the slate completely clean, then Campbell will more than likely join another team. It is hard to envision Campbell accepting a position on the staff after being overlooked for the head coaching job. Despite being one of the best coaches in the NFL, Sean Payton might be terminated by the New Orleans Saints and, if so, he would be a head coaching candidate for Miami. Another name of interest would be Chuck Pagano, who is awkwardly waiting for his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts to come to an end.

Will the Miami Dolphins completely wipe out their entire coaching staff before next season?

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