Father Fails Paternity Test Due To His Unborn Twin Being The Father Of His Son [Video]

A father was given the strangest news of his life when he was told that he was not the father of his son. The actual father was the man’s unborn twin brother. How could something like this possibly be real? It all started when a couple in the United States was having trouble conceiving a child. In order to remedy this, they did what other couples have done when they have had trouble conceiving. They went to a fertility specialist.

The couple decided on a process known as intrauterine insemination. In this type of insemination, the sperm from the father is taken and concentrated. The concentrated sperm is injected directly into the uterus of the woman during her peak fertile time. The process for this couple worked. She was successfully impregnated. Nine months later, a baby boy was born to the happy couple. Standard testing was done on the newborn, which is where things went from normal to weird.

Intrauterine Insemination Intrauterine Insemination Process [Image Via YouTube]The testing that was done on the newborn showed that he did not share the same blood type as the father or mother. Barry Starr from the Department of Genetics at Stanford University explained to IFLScience about the blood test and the weird results.

“Both parents are A, but the child is AB. There are rare cases where that can happen, but their first thought was that the clinic had mixed up sperm samples.”

It had to have been devastating news for the father and mother to have to consider that their child was not really theirs. In order to find out for sure the couple decided to get a paternity test. The results came back and the father was not the father of this child. The couple did not accept this result and had a second paternity test done. The same result came back. The couple had no choice but to realize that the fertility clinic messed up the insemination process. The clinic checked their records for the day that this woman had the process done and found only one other intrauterine insemination performed on the same day. The process was performed with the sperm of an African-American man. Since this child did not have any of the characteristics you would expect to find in an African-American baby, everyone was stumped. The new parents decided to hire an attorney.

The couple’s attorney contacted the fertility clinic and asked for another test to be run by the company 23andme. 23andme is a company that allows people to send in their own sample of DNA in order to determine potential genetic issues. The company also excels in determining family lineage. The sample came back with the news that the father’s uncle was the father. This result is something you would expect to find on a daytime soap opera, but this was real life.

The only possible medical explanation for the result that the couple got was that the father was a “human chimera.” Being a “human chimera” means that multiple types of DNA reside inside one body. It is a possibility that has happened before. In order for the father to be a “human chimera,” he would have had to have been in the womb with a twin and have absorbed the twin into himself resulting in the birth of one child.

A test was done in which the father submitted DNA samples from his cheek and from his sperm. When the results came back the “human chimera” theory was confirmed. The father had two sets of DNA within his sperm. The DNA samples were broken into the “major” genome and “minor genome.” The “major” genome showed that 90 percent of its DNA matched up with the DNA cells from the cheek. The “minor” genome showed that the remaining 10 percent of DNA matched up with the baby boy. Starr said, “So the father is the fusion of two people, both the child’s father and uncle. That’s wicked cool”

What do you think on the father’s failed paternity test?

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