Denise Richards’ Children’s Trust Funds In Jeopardy? Charlie Sheen Could Be Using Their Money After HIV Diagnosis

Denise Richards and her husband, Charlie Sheen, may be involved in a dispute over the trust funds of their children: Sam, 11, and Lola, 10. According to a new report, Denise Richards’ former husband, who recently went public with his HIV diagnosis, had promised to set aside private accounts for each of his daughters; but, now that he’s ill, they may never see the money they were expected to receive.

“Charlie bought both houses in trusts for the kids to have financial security,” an insider told Radar Online on November 30. “So the kids’ trust is the title holder on the mansions lived in by [Denise Richards] and [Brooke Mueller].”

Sheen reportedly bought the homes in trusts so that when the houses were sold, the money would be transferred into trusts for his and Denise Richards’ two daughters, as well as his twin sons with Mueller, Bob and Max, 6. Then, once the children reached adulthood, they would be given access to the money. However, according to Radar Online, one of the homes was recently sold and rather than putting the money into his children’s’ trusts, he is reportedly planning to keep it for himself.

“[Denise Richards] has been told that none of the money from the sale will be put back into the trust for Sam and Lola. She’s been told Charlie needs the money. He has burned through money and anticipates more sex partners to come forward making financial demands… Charlie’s party lifestyle is also extremely expensive. It’s just tragic that Charlie has put himself in this situation while depriving his kids of what was previously promised to them.”

In 2011, as Radar Online revealed, Sheen purchased a 9,000 square foot home for Denise Richards and their girls for $6.99 million. The home included six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a pool. Then, four years later, Denise Richards and her kids moved out of the home, which was located in Mulholland Estates, and into a rental house in Malibu, California.

Sheen also purchased a second home in 2012, where his ex-wife, Mueller, and their boys would live. The five bedroom home was worth an estimated $4.8 million, and was also located in Mulholland Estates. Included in the property was a home theater, swimming pool and a fireplace in the master suite.

Denise Richards and her daughters are not HIV positive, nor are Sheen’s other children. However, there were a few fears to be had after Sheen admitted to being diagnosed with the illness in 2011, when he was still technically married to Mueller.

Denise Richards met Sheen in the early 90s and was married to him briefly in the early 2000s. Then, as she awaited the birth of their second child, Lola, Denise Richards suddenly filed for divorce; and, since then, she has had an up and down relationship with Sheen.

During an appearance on the Podcast series, Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, Denise Richards discussed her sometimes-strained relationship with her ex-husband, claiming that despite Sheen’s inconsistent behavior, she doesn’t hold a grudge over the things he’s said and done when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“I have a lot of empathy for anyone that struggles with addiction. I’m not going to judge the choices they made under the influence,” Denise Richards explained, according to a report by Perez Hilton. “I can only judge the person I’m meeting and I think sometimes past experiences make who you are so I just went off the person I had met and gotten to know and fell in love with. He was very different.”

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