‘Fallout 4’ Connection To ‘Elder Scrolls’ Discovered As Buzz Lightyear Is Modded In

The Fallout 4 frivolities continue as dedicated players have discovered an Easter Egg connection to Bethesda Game Studios other role-playing series, The Elder Scrolls, and managed to make Paladin Danse up like Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear courtesy of a mod. Well played Fallout 4 community, well played.

Reddit user exodon_paradox discovered a familiar plant growing aboard the Prydwen airship in the biolab area after taking the “Shadow of Steel” quest and being accepted into the Brotherhood of Steel. The plant is, of course, Nirnroot from The Elder Scrolls, but is simply described as “Experimental Plant” in Fallout 4. The somewhat rare plant is used as an ingredient to make various potions in Bethesda’s medieval role-playing series.

Here is the description of the plant captured from the Fallout Wiki.

“The plant is a purple bioluminescent article with thick roots. It’s been named “Glowleaf” by one of the senior scribes aboard the Prydwen. They were using it to make tea and wound up becoming addicted to the substance. After the addiction began to make them agitated with their fellow scribes, the project was terminated and the scribe was reassigned.”

It’s not clear yet what the Nirnroot can be used to craft in Fallout 4, but its immediate effects are to give a +10 boost to a character’s hit points with +5 added to radiation. The plant is apparently exceedingly rare with only the ability to pick up three out of the Prydwen’s biolab.

Fallout 4 Nirnroot (PS4, Xbox One, PC) [Image via Reddit]Meanwhile, Buzz Lightyear has made an appearance in Fallout 4. Sorenova created and shared a mod on NexusMods that allows players to turn all Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor into a spin on the Toy Story character’s space suit.

The most amusing use of the Buzz Lightyear mod so far has been to equip it to Paladin Danse. For those that haven’t played through Fallout 4, there is a connection. There are a few steps that need to be taken to be able to have Danse stomping around in the purple, green, and white get-up.

The first step is to complete the “Shadow of Steel” quest and accept Paladin Danse as your new companion. Next, command Danse to stay where he is and then continue to the one of the Prydwen Power Armor bays where you will see all of the BOS II Power Armors with the Buzz Lightyear paint job.

It’s important to not allow Danse in the room with you. If you take one of the Power Armors for yourself and then try to take the parts off another, an unnecessary firefight will ensue as Diggler TV discovered on YouTube.

When you reach the Power Armor bay aboard the Prydwen, you’ll be able to claim one of the suits for yourself. To get a second suit for Danse, simply activate a Stealth Boy to go invisible and remove all the parts off the armor. You can then return to your new companion and initiate a trade with him to give him all the armor and then choose the Equip option to turn him into Buzz Lightyear.

The topper on all of this is Danse’s purple hood. As Sorenova points out, equip that instead of the helmet to get the full effect. If the hood has been lost, press the “~” key on your PC keyboard to bring up the console command and enter “player.additem e1a39.” The purple hood will be added to your inventory and you can trade it to Danse and equip it from there.

Fallout 4 Buzz Lightyear Mod (PC) [Image via NexusModsThe Buzz Lightyear mod is only available for the PC at the moment. Bethesda Softworks does plan to add mod support to Fallout 4 on consoles at some point next year. Of course, there’s no guarantee this mod will be one of those that will be available on the PS4 or Xbox One as the available mods will likely be curated by the developer.

[Image via NexusMods]