‘Fallout 4’: Hiding In Plain Sight Demonstrates The Bad Guys’ Stupidity

The Fallout 4 game has its glitches and bugs, but according to ARS Technica, one such issue is deemed as “developer sanctioned god-mode.” As the article explains, as long as your Vault 111 dweller is crouched, you can pretty much get away with murder, literally. Even pick-pocketing while crouched is something that can be done without being noticed. Same goes for killing someone in Fallout 4. They do, however, react to gunfire and will come over to investigate. They just won’t see you crouched in front of them.

Fallout 4 Stealth while crouching [Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]If the in-game vault dweller is detected, the music changes with remarks made by, for example, Super Mutants. As dumb as they sound, upon hearing them, one may wonder if the rest of the baddies are just as unintelligent considering you’re hiding in plain sight.

“But the enemies in Fallout 4 are also incredibly stupid, forgetful, and oblivious to their environments.”

The Fallout 4 game player who adds on stealth related perks and weapons also helps make enemies easy pickings, as they are quite forgetful or not too bright when it comes to detection. In fact, an enemy in the game can walk by you while you’re crouched in the open. It’s reported they’ll look your direction, but not see you when crouched. That being said, ARS Technica came up with this conclusion in regard to the reality of Fallout 4.

“That’s odd given the game’s world is built on the illusion of realism.”

ARS Technica also compared Fallout 4 to Metal Gear Solid V when it comes to the means by which the player can kill while undetected. Metal Gear offers different methods and angles by which your player can take out a character in stealth mode; whereas, in the Bethesda game, it’s all the same.

Though game tips have been given regarding using stealth abilities to your advantage in Fallout 4, iDigital Times reports that there are certain attributes for building a character that focus on improving stealth as well. With the right configuration, your character might be flawless by taking out a Deathclaw easily even on the highest of game difficulties. Of course, considering the aforementioned report, it’s likely a given in the game.

Fallout 4 stealth while crouching [Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]Also, the Fallout 4 game was deemed to be “breakable,” according to VG 24/7, when using a specified character build and thus killing a Deathclaw in five shots to the head, unnoticed. The game scenario of going undetected, regardless of the commotion going on right by the Raiders surrounding the behemoth, went as follows.

“I once murdered a Legendary Deathclaw by silently shooting it six times in the leg. It didn’t see me. The five raiders standing in the next room didn’t hear me. I killed them with five silent headshots. They didn’t see me, either. Nothing can find me. Nothing can stop me. Nothing can survive in the face of my instantaneous barrage of VATS-guided bullets. I am an invincible killing machine.”

Though this Fallout 4 vault dweller’s bragging may go without any “attaboys” from his game-loving friends due to the nature of the crouch. That said, he could have done the same thing without the enhancements/equipment, as long as he or she remained crouched and remaining still. If you are detected and shot at, you can still run away a certain distance and wait until you’re forgotten.

All that being said, the game’s fun factor seems to outweighs other drawbacks. If you so desire to challenge yourself it’s possible by putting yourself at a disadvantage if you live by an in-game honor system by demonstrating nobility, for example, as a Brotherhood of Steel Knight. Of course, if you’re not a knight, then you can choose the path you’d like in the Fallout 4 game.

[Image via Bethesda Softworks]