‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Negan Is Named, Negan Is Coming

Last night’s midseason finale for Season 6 of The Walking Dead left anyone and everyone watching with a true cliffhanger. Things cut off right in the middle of what was about to be a bloody and deadly scene, but that wasn’t the total end. A preview for the midseason premiere showed a short scene of what and who is to come, and one of those is none other than Negan.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

It was just recently reported by Inquisitr that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as the evil and villainous Negan. One thing that was known is that he would be coming in the second half of Season 6, but everyone thought it would be closer to the end.

Well, as pointed out by Vox, the short teaser revealed by AMC shows that he could be coming a lot sooner than that.

In the teaser trailer/prologue for the second half of the season of The Walking Dead, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are driving along a back road and come face-to-face with a biker gang. This gang is armed to no end, and there’s no way out for the trio.

All three get out of the truck and ask to pass, but the biker out front tells them they are going nowhere and to give them everything they own. He tells them that all of their things aren’t theirs anymore, and Sasha asks who they belong to. The biker speaks up.

“Your property… now belongs to Negan.”

For those not aware, in the comic book version of The Walking Dead, Negan leads a group of survivors called the “Saviors.” They throw around their protection and offer it to weaker communities in exchange for supplies, water, and food.

Negan is overly drunk with power and leads the team with a big stick. No, he literally leads the group by carrying a baseball bat that is wrapped in barbed wire, and she has a name — “Lucille.”

the walking dead season 6 spoilers negan [Image via Image Comics]Also, Negan is responsible for one very big-time death in The Walking Dead comics, and people like won’t be happy about it. It’s a huge spoiler, so only click through to see who he may end up killing if you want to know early.

Last night’s midseason finale really left fans in a lurch, and as Collider reported, it was a bad way to stop things. The belief is that the hot action-packed scene going on could have been completed and then the midseason premiere could pick up where things left off.

Now, February is going to see the second half of a scene that started in November.

A lot is going to take place in the scene that was cut off mid-motion, and it’s going to be one of the bloodiest and deadliest scenes ever witnessed in The Walking Dead. Seriously, there will be a lot going on and it’s going to be brutal.

carl grimes the walking dead spoilers midseason finale [Image via AMC]Season 6 of The Walking Dead has really been a good one after last season’s lackluster action, which brought some complaints. Now, the cliffhanger came at the worst possible time, but things are going to be well worth the wait upon its return.

The Walking Dead officially returns to finish out Season 6 beginning on February 14, 2016. Yes, there is a whole two-and-a-half months until the hit series is back on the air, but rumors and spoilers will keep you in good spirits until Negan and Lucille arrive on the scene.

[Image via Image Comics]