Sheree Whitfield Responds To Tammy Browning's Opinion Of Her Marriage To Bob Whitfield, Kenya Moore Says Shamea Morton Gave A 'Weak Read'

Surprisingly, considering that they almost came to blows on the Season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore didn't have drama with one another when they later saw one another at Sheree's property, nicknamed Chateau Sheree. Instead, Sunday night's episode showed Sheree and Kenya getting along with one another but at odds with other people, Sheree with Tammy Browning and Kenya with Shamea Morton.

On Sunday night's episode, Kenya organized a boat ride for all of the women on behalf of Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia brought along a friend, Tammy Browning. On the car ride to the boat, Tammy told Cynthia and Kenya that she has been best friends with Sheree's ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, for 15 years. Tammy then gave her opinion that Sheree was only with Bob for money.

"I personally don't think she would have been with him had he not been playing professional football."
Sheree tweeted her reaction to Tammy's opinion. Sheree wrote that if she just wanted money, she wouldn't have been with a professional football player. Sheree also made sure to make fun of Tammy's hair.
Even Kenya seemed surprised at the "major shade" that Tammy threw Sheree.
"#RHOA ohh Tammy is throwing major shade at Sheree. Girl "
Later on during the boat ride, Kenya thanked all of the women for being respectful to her during her haircare line launch party, despite the lack of air conditioning and water. Kenya called out Porsha Williams' friend, Shamea Morton, for being the only one who was negative at the event. Kenya and Shamea started arguing with one another and Shamea called Kenya, who was Miss USA 1993, Miss America instead of Miss USA. As the Inquisitr reported, Kenya and Shamea's argument quickly led to an argument between Porsha and Cynthia Bailey, a fight that seemingly turned physical.

On social media, Kenya called Shamea Morton's insult a "weak read," and added that Porsha Williams used that insult four years ago already.

At least Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield got along. Earlier on Sunday night's episode, Kenya decided to pay Sheree a visit and found her sweeping the front porch of Chateau Sheree. Kenya marveled at the size of Sheree's property and tried to open the front door, only to find it locked. Sheree distracted Kenya by telling her that she should have brought her cookies. The two women then made a friendly bet over who will be in their property first by Christmas.On the premiere episode that aired three weeks ago, Kenya and Sheree traded insults over their respective properties. Kenya brought up the fact that Sheree's property has been under construction for years. Sheree retaliated by saying that the property that Kenya just brought in the neighborhood, which Kenya has nicknamed Moore Manor, is full of mold and is in a ditch. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya and Sheree continued their insults on social media and on their blogs, with Sheree even going so far as listing all of the additional problems that Moore Manor has, including a cracked foundation, and claiming that one of the realtors on her new reality TV show, Selling It In the ATL, passed on taking on Moore Manor after finding out all of its problems.

As Sunday night's episode aired, the two women continued to poke fun at each other's property, albeit in good fun. Kenya wondered why Sheree was sweeping the porch. Perhaps Kenya thought it was useless for Sheree to sweep the porch since construction is still going on?

Kenya then posted a tweet that joked that Santa Claus has a better chance of getting in Chateau Sheree before Christmas than Sheree herself.
Kenya did admit, however, that Chateau Sheree is bigger than both Moore Manor and Kandi Burruss' house.
Sheree Whitfield responded to Kenya Moore's tweets. As for why she was sweeping the porch, Sheree said that she actually works. Sheree also tweeted that size doesn't matter.
Sheree later shared with The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers that while Chateau Sheree still has "a ways to go" before completion, she's excited about how far it has come.
Perhaps once Chateau Sheree is finally done, Sheree Whitfield will actually let Kenya Moore in?

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]