Emma Roberts On Social Media: ‘Sometimes I Go No Filter’

Emma Roberts, best known for her American Horror Story roles and now for the lead in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, is once again proving that what you see is what you get. Roberts recently made news with her photoshop-free modeling campaigns and Emma is doing it again, but this time on her own.

Emma Roberts Goes No Filter On Instagram

Emma Roberts, AerieREAL
Emma Roberts goes public with no filters. Image courtesy of Instagram/Emma Roberts.

Roberts was attending the “Season of Giving Kickoff” event at the Ritz-Carlton Central Park in New York City, when the Scream Queens actress revealed that she doesn’t always filter the photos she shares on social media. Roberts has previously shared her views on beauty and female body shaming, saying that she feels models and celebrities bear a responsibility for how growing generations of girls and young women see themselves. To that end, Emma has put herself out there without the aid of photo enhancements.

Speaking of photos, Ms. Roberts was attending the N.Y.C. charity event to show support for Johnson & Johnson’ s “Donate a Photo” app. For every photo uploaded to the app and shared on social media, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to charity. The photos must be captioned with the following handles and hashtags: @DonateaPhoto and #JNJ, #DonateaPhoto, #365DaysofCare or #DonateEveryday.

“We all take tons of pictures during the holiday season and now you can lend your photo to a good cause,” 24-year-old Emma Roberts told People magazine. “It’s literally the easiest way to give back and I think that’s so important this time of year – I’m definitely going to be taking photos in my holiday pajamas.”

Roberts added in good humor that her ability to take selfies is hindered by her short arms. Emma says she makes her taller friends take the photos for her, whenever Roberts is out with her friends.

Scream Queens Number One Chanel Shares Her Real Life Beauty Tips

Emma Roberts, maid of honor Emma Roberts serves as maid of honor. [Image courtesy of Instagram/Emma Roberts]Emma Roberts confessed to the New York Times that she has an obsession with beauty tips and products. In fact, Roberts reveals that her fascination with such topics has led her to discover products that Emma says she cannot now live without.

To name two of those products, Ms. Roberts lists AmorePacific Dual Eye Cream and Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil. For those wondering what scent keeps Evan Peters coming back to the Scream Queens star, Roberts reveals that she rubs almond oil into her skin, from head to toe.

Emma doesn’t stop there. The Scream Queens actress reveals that her favorite perfumes are Le Labo Santal 33 and Neroli 36.

“I’ve become such a fan I even bought their detergent,” Ms. Roberts says. “I wash my sheets in it.”

While Roberts says she does try to live a healthy lifestyle, she isn’t into fad diets or gluten free practices. Actually, Emma says that she looks forward to her desserts and also keeps a supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Swedish Fish on the Scream Queens set.

As for exercise, Roberts joins her Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele for pilates workouts, when their shooting schedule allows. There won’t be any treadmills or straight up running for Emma Roberts though.

“I am not a running person. Everyone laughs at me because my legs turn out when I run. I look absolutely ridiculous. I stopped running in seventh grade.”

Another interest Roberts has discovered, while filming on location in New Orleans, is yoga. Emma says she’s attracted by activities that cleanse the mind as well as the body and yoga helps her too rid her mind of the clutter.

Ms. Roberts reveals that the combination of pilates and yoga help her to sleep easier and better equip her to handle the stresses of the day.

[Featured image by FOX/Scream Queens]