'RHOA' Porsha Williams On Fight With Cynthia Bailey: 'Can't Be The Punching Bag'

Did Porsha Williams attack another one of her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars while filming the eighth season, or was she the one who was attacked? Just like the Season 8 premiere episode, Episode 4 ended with a cliffhanger. This time, the cliffhanger involves Porsha and Cynthia Bailey.

On Sunday night's episode, Porsha and Cynthia got into a very heated argument with one another. The argument seemed to turn physical, as Porsha was shown getting up and bringing her leg up towards Cynthia.

As Sunday night's episode aired, Porsha shared her thoughts and feelings on Twitter. Porsha tweeted that she hates "to be taken to that place" with someone that she tries to support.

"I hate to be taken to that place with someone I try to support... I try #RHOA"
While some people showed Porsha support, saying that Cynthia was obviously angry about what was happening in her marriage to Peter Thomas, but let her anger out on her instead. Porsha also received criticism. Some people told Porsha that she isn't taking any responsibility for the part that she played in the argument. Some people also told her that she, as an adult, should stop acting as if there's any justification for violence. Porsha, who physically attacked Kenya Moore on the Season 6 reunion show after being yelled at through a bullhorn, responded that she didn't feel like being Cynthia's punching bag that day.
"Love ya but can't be the punching bag... is how I felt that day"
On the latest episode, the entire cast went on a boat ride that Kenya organized for Cynthia Bailey. During the boat ride, Kenya told the women how she appreciates that they were all positive during her haircare line launch party, everyone with the exception of Shamea Morton that is. Kenya called out Shamea, Porsha Williams' friend, for making fun of her for having water in the product bottles. When Shamea insulted Kenya by calling her Miss America instead of her real title, Miss USA, Kenya got up to get the captain to escort Shamea off the boat.

Porsha spoke up to defend Shamea Morton and tried to get Cynthia to talk to Kenya since she's best friends with Kenya now. Porsha and Cynthia then went back and forth with one another over who was best friends with who and when Cynthia got up to follow Kenya, Porsha said, "Whatever b***h." Cynthia quickly lashed out at Porsha for calling her that. Clearly taken aback, Porsha said that she didn't mean anything with that word. In an interview, Cynthia explained that the women in the group often use that word as a term of endearment, but she knew that when Porsha said it to her, it wasn't from a good place.

Porsha later went to Cynthia to explain that she didn't mean anything hurtful. Cynthia continued to lash out at Porsha and even hurled insults at her. When Porsha admitted that she didn't come over to apologize since she doesn't feel as if she did anything wrong, the argument got even worse, with the two women insulting one another and wagging their fingers at each other's faces. Cynthia then grabbed Porsha's hands and yelled at her to get her hand out of her face. That's when Porsha seemingly retaliated and the episode ended.
The preview for the next episode shows that viewers will see the direct aftermath of whatever happened between Porsha and Cynthia. Porsha can be seen being pushed down onto one of the boat's metal chaise lounges by a man, presumably a production crew member, and being held down. Cynthia sits up on her lounge and looks on. As Kenya Moore leads Cynthia away from the area, Porsha seemingly yells that she's going to attack Cynthia.
"I'm gonna catch that b***h. She's by herself, I'm gonna f**k her a**."
Kenya and Cynthia are then shown in one of the boat's room. A very upset Cynthia yells at the cameraman to get out.

The next scene shows Phaedra Parks telling Kim Fields that "her stomach was cut." Phaedra said that she saw the bruises and cuts with her own eyes. Was it Porsha, who was wearing a bikini top during the boat ride, whose stomach was injured? The preview's earlier scene didn't give a view of Porsha's stomach but it did show that Cynthia, who was wearing a dress, didn't have any visible blood on her.

Yet viewers may very well see Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey make up instead of continuing the fight on next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The end of the preview shows Porsha and Cynthia heading out for a talk to discuss what happened on the boat.

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