Cyber Monday 2015 Deals From Amazon, Walmart, And Other Stores: How Good Are They?

Paula Mooney

The busiest web pages on's "What's Hot" list -- brought to you by the Amazon firm -- let web viewers know exactly where the shoppers are headed on Cyber Monday 2015. At the top of the list, as of this writing, it's no surprise that shoppers are first turning to Amazon on Cyber Monday 2015 to see what kinds of deals the retailing giant is offering web shoppers.

On Amazon's 2015 Cyber Monday deals page, not only does Amazon provide a countdown clock for current deals, along with prices and price cuts -- Amazon also lists upcoming Cyber Monday 2015 deals so that shoppers can plan to snag those deals on Cyber Monday as well.

Amazon categorized their deals into the current deals, those upcoming and based on a variety of categories. Amazon also opened up certain Cyber Monday 2015 deals to their Amazon Prime members first. For example, this ASICS Men's GT-1000 3 Running Shoe is listed as a Cyber Monday 2015 deal that "Starts for Prime members at 3:00 a.m.," in order to reward their Amazon Prime members for their loyalty by offering them deals before other Cyber Monday 2015 shoppers.

"Shop online for best 2015 Cyber Monday Deals on electronics, fashion and toys. Online deals, specials, exclusive sales and offers now available on ebay."

Certain stores like Target turned to Twitter to promote their tweets about their Cyber Week deals, which include 30 percent of clothing and accessories.

Previous Cyber Monday events prior to 2015 have found shipping giants like UPS and FedEx making millions of shipments around the world on Cyber Monday.

A search for Cyber Monday deals on Twitter turns up articles about those retailers offering the best Cyber Monday 2015 deals, such as the above piece from Esquire. It also results in tweets from retailers hawking their own Cyber Monday 2015 wares in hopes that shoppers will spend their dollars with their stores.

While mainly huge retailers took advantage of the Cyber Monday shoppers in 2015 looking for deals, the smaller retailers such as those sellers found on sites like Etsy took advantage of Cyber Monday to sell things as well.