June 29, 2017
'Botched' Waist Training: Woman Wears Corset 23 Hours Per Day -- Goes From 38- to 28-Inch Waist [Videos]

Penny is the name of the woman who was recently featured on Botched, who represented an extreme form of waist training. As seen in the below video snippet from Botched, the Botched doctors say that Penny has the highest breast-to-waist ratio the Botched doctors have ever seen.

While Penny has used waist-training to shrink her waist from 38 inches down to 28 inches, the Botched doctors aren't advising everyone to do the same. Penny showed her $300 corset to the doctors, and even had one of them try it on.

The smallest her waist has been is 23 inches, after wearing her waist trainer 23 hours per day. Wearing a waist trainer that often comes with rules. Penny said you have to eat small meals throughout the day, instead of a few heavy and big meals. Waist trainers have to cut out spicy foods and carbonated fare. It's a lifestyle, Penny says, echoing some of the sentiments seen by Pixee Fox, a woman from North Carolina who shrank her waist down to a 16-inch waist, and is trying to get it down to 14 inches to beat the world record, as reported by the Inquisitr.

pixee fox instagram ribs removed
[Image via Facebook/Pixee Fox]

Penny called her corsets a way to modify her body, and waist training is something that she really enjoys. She does admit on Botched that waist training could shift your organs around, and perhaps move a person's floating ribs. It's a concern that Dr. Paul Nassif brought up as a dangerous side effect.

Waist training could cause displacement of the organs into the lungs, a warning that sounds scary for those looking to perform the same sort of drastic waist training that Penny performs.

Penny came to Botched — not due to waist training concerns, because she claims to have never had a problem with wearing tight corsets — because she wanted scars removed. Previously, Penny described how easily she scarred. When she'd gotten breast implants, Penny was warned that she might get "ropey scars all over" her breasts when a nurse saw how easily Penny got a keloid from a pimple. But it wasn't the scars on Penny's areolas that shocked the doctors. Instead, they were alarmed by her unhealthy waist training. Penny told the doctors that she wears a corset about 23 hours per day to keep her waist as small as possible.

As reported by E!, the celebrity waist-training trend was covered by Botched. Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow also talked about Botched Post-Op, a new show that gives a unique perspective on the after-effects of Botched surgeries. However, the big concern came when it was mentioned that waist trainers can cause a problem with the lungs and internal organs by taking a person's rib cage and internal organs and squeezing them. While Dr. Nassif seemed completely against waist trainers, Dr. Dubrow wasn't completely opposed to waist trainers, when done in moderation.

"Corsetry doesn't really do anything to your body that being pregnant doesn't automatically do. Like, it might shift your floating ribs a little bit, it will move your organs, but all of those things are standard practice for the human body."
On Botched, Penny described how taking a selfie for her husband, who was deployed in the military, got her into waist training. Penny decided to throw on a corset to make the photo more visually appealing. She loved it so much, and it felt so much to Penny like being hugged, she didn't want to take it off.
"It felt so comforting, and I just kind of didn't take it off."
Therein lies the rub with such extreme forms of body modification, with armchair Botched viewers wondering if Penny's loneliness at the time her husband was deployed, coupled with the feeling of the corset giving her a hug, contributed to the reasons that Penny went down the road of such extreme waist training.
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