WWE Rumors: Jim Ross Knows Two Big Names WWE Should Bring In For 'WrestleMania 32'

WWE's severe loss of talent due to multiple injuries, time off, and reduced schedules has them actually scrambling for new plans. Not only were current plans put on a shelf, but the future had to be rewritten as well, and that includes virtually everything for WrestleMania 32. Jim Ross gave his opinion on what WWE should do, and the two big names they really need to bring in for the huge event -- Bill Goldberg and Batista.

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[Image via WWE]In the newest blog from JRs Bar-B-Q, Ross talks about the build for WrestleMania 32 and that it will be quite interesting. All of the injuries have really taken a huge toll on WWE, and could lead to some things happening or taking place that were never meant to happen.
"Going to really be interesting to see how WWE begins to build momentum for WrestleMania Texas over the next several months as April will be here before we know it. I still feel confident that WWE will have over 100,000 people in AT&T Stadium on April 3 but am curious as to what the card is going to resemble. I can't recall the WWE Title being more 'tepid' than it is right going into the biggest event of the year for WWE. This is not an indictment on Sheamus who I have great respect for and love his work ethic but the title lost a great deal of luster after Seth Rollins suffered an untimely, major knee injury."
Sheamus is likely not going to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going into WrestleMania 32, as he's rumored to lose it within the next month or two. The expected plan is that Roman Reigns is going to be going into the early April event as the champ and defending the title in the main event.

Who will face Reigns for the title? Well, that's still kind of up in the air right now, and even more so since SE Scoops reports all tentative plans for WrestleMania 32 have been scrapped. Anyone that supposedly knows the card for the event is said to be "guessing."

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[Image via WWE]Ross knows that WWE needs to bring in some big names, and give calls to former talent that aren't currently in the ring. When it comes to who should be given a ring, Ross actually has two specific names in mind.
"The two most viable stars that WWE could bring in for WM32 or so it seems might be Goldberg and Batista. Austin and HBK are adamant that their wrestling days are history, Hogan is still on the outs with the company, plus he doesn't need to wrestle a match with his back condition, and Rock has movie commitments I'm told, as does Ronda Rousey. For those that think that Austin and HBK would do 'one more match' for the right money, please, just stop it."
Goldberg has talked about a WWE return often and rather recently, and simply said he wants respect and to be paid accordingly. He's in good shape and not against being back in the ring, but things have to be done in the right way.

Batista is doing a lot of movies right now, but he's also interested in at least one more WWE run. Ross even said in the past that a match-up between Batista and Brock Lesnar would be a dream match.

All of the names not appearing are as good as confirmed. Rousey and The Rock both have things they have to deal with in the movie world. The Rock may possibly make an appearance, but he won't be wrestling or active in any way.

These stars will or are in danger of missing of WrestleMania 32 entirely due to injury.

  • Seth Rollins
  • Cesaro
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Big Show
  • Sting
The injuries have really hurt WWE and Jim Ross, well, he knows what he is talking about after being in the wrestling business for decades. It's not a lock that Bill Goldberg and/or Batista will return to the company for WrestleMania 32, but they wouldn't be bad calls to make.

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