NYC Restaurant Sells $1000 Caviar Pizza

James Johnson

New York restaurant Nino's Bellisima Pizza wants to attract a fancy clientele and to that end the company is now offering a $1,000 gourmet pizza.

Unlike your typical pepperoni and mushrooms pizza pie the highly expensive offering comes with caviar as its main ingredient.

Not only does the pizza feature caviar, it is actually topped with six different kinds of fish eggs that cost the restaurant $820 per pizza to procure. The remaining $180 covers the cost of dough, sauce, several other toppings and to top it off some fresh Maine lobster. Throw in labor and profits and you have a $1000 pizza. Among the included caviar are two of the world's top sellers, Beluga and Black Russian Royal Sevruga.

So who exactly would be willing to drop a ridiculous $1000 on a caviar pizza with Main lobster? How about Tony Bennett, Clint Eastwood and even some of the former "Soprano's" stars.

You may recall our story from earlier this month when a restaurant in Canada began selling a gourmet pizza for $450. The Canadian pizza came with black Alaskan cod, lobster, and a dipping sauce of Russian Osetra caviar. The Canadian pizza required a 24-hour notice.

Restaurant owner Nino Selimaj who owns five restaurants in the city has been serving caviar at all of his locations 33 years. The Nino's Bellisima Pizza restaurant in Manhattan currently prepares approximately one caviar pizza each week.

Would you like to have fish eggs on your pizza or would you rather avoid the caviar pizza like bad anchovies on a Domino's special?