Justice in this world: grammar nazis get pwnd

Two grammar nazis who traveled the United States correcting typos and grammar on signs have been found guilty on vandalizing Government property.

Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson toured the United States last spring, wiping out errors as they went along. Every time they corrected a sign, they blogged it, and their infamy delivered them mainstream media interviews at the time. Unfortunately for them though they missed the sign that said “Don’t F*&k with the US Government” and decided to correct a historical sign in the Grand Canyon National Park. Thankfully (or unfortunately) some one was reading their blog who knew the sign, and the value it had.

According to reports, Deck and Herson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to vandalize government property and were sentenced to a year’s probation, during which they cannot enter any national park or modify any public signs. They also had to cough up $3,000 to repair the sign.

Proof perhaps that there is true justice in this world.