Newborn Baby Girl Survives Abandonment And Attempted Murder [Video]

The abandonment of newborn baby girls and boys seems to be an increasing phenomenon in the news lately. Most recent is the story of a baby girl found buried alive along a bike path in Compton, California. When found, the baby girl’s mother will likely face not only abandonment charges, but child endangerment and attempted murder as well.

Sometimes a woman, due to any number of circumstances, may be unwilling or unable to care for her newborn baby. To help, there are laws in place to relieve any new mother of an unwelcome burden, no questions asked. The Daily Mail reports that under the California Safely Surrender Baby Law, any parent can drop off a baby girl or boy aged three days and under to a worker at a hospital or fire department without facing any kind of charges. The new mom or dad is relieved of the responsibility, while also ensuring the continued safety of the baby. Laws like this exist to discourage abandonment or — as is the case of the baby girl found on the bike path — attempted murder.

The tiny baby girl found in Compton might have perished if it had not been for the intervention of two women who happened to hear her muted cries. Evangelina McCrary and Angelica Blount were strolling along the bike path when they heard the baby girl, but could see no signs of a baby anywhere around. Concerned, the ladies searched for the baby and unearthed the newborn girl in a hole, buried alive under “pieces of asphalt and rubble,” reported ABC7. They immediately placed a call to authorities.

Los Angeles County deputies responded to the call, lifting the baby girl safely out of the hole and wrapping her cold body in a blanket. Paramedics treated the girl and delivered her to a hospital, where she remains in stable condition. The baby girl is currently under the care of the Department of Children and Families. Police say there is no doubt the baby girl would not have survived the night buried alive in the hole if she had not been found at such a fortuitous time,

The baby girl is believed to have been born in a nearby hospital or medical center sometime within the 24-36 hours before being buried alive. Anyone with information regarding the baby girl or her mother is urged to contact the LASD Special Victims Bureau at (877) 710-5273. Callers who wish to remain completely anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

This baby girl’s story varies greatly from another recent report of the abandonment of a newborn baby boy placed lovingly in the empty manger of a nativity scene inside a church in Queens, New York. According to NPR, this mother followed the Safe Haven Law that allows a baby 30 days or younger to be placed in a church, hospital, or firehouse without fear of prosecution.

Hoping to ensure that her newborn baby had been found and cared for, his mom came back to the church the next day. Father Christopher Heanue said he only has love for the mother. Several people who attend Holy Child Jesus Church have expressed interest in adopting the baby, and therefore keeping him in the home where his mother sought refuge for her son.

Hopefully, the story of the newborn baby girl buried alive in a hole will have a similar happy ending.

[Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via AP]