Controversial Climate Change Conference In Paris Draws The World's Attention

Jon Mark

According to Reuters, world leaders are ready to beginning launching bids for the climate change conference that's taking place in Paris over a two-week period.

Japan Today quoted the president's climate change action.

"What makes this gathering different is that more than 180 nations have already submitted plans to reduce the harmful emissions that help cause climate change, and America's leadership is helping to drive this progress," Obama said in a Facebook posting hours before his scheduled late-night arrival in the French capital.


Early on Sunday, the BBC reported that a group of protesters, who are among the many people assembling in groups for protests taking place over climate change, became violent, defying the ban to gather by assembling at the Place de la Republique, trampling over the memorial placed there in memory of the ones who died there.

Some reports stated that the assembly was peaceful before it escalated and that the tactical forces there were the ones who trampled on the memorial.

The BBC says that candles from the memorial were thrown at police by protesters.

[embed][/embed] In that article, President Francois Hollande expressed how disturbed he was by the incident and even further stated that the group involved has nothing to do with those who want to protect the environment.

However, The Guardian reported on Friday that 24 climate change activists were placed under house arrest prior to the COP 21 conference, by newly executed state of emergency laws issued by President Hollande after terrorist attacks on the November 13.

Author and activist Naomi Klein has spoken out about these arrests.

A gross abuse of power that risks turning the summit into a farce.

Pope Francis has continued his involvement over the issue by traveling to Nairobi days before the COP 21 summit to celebrate Mass and when addressing the crowd -- as NBC News reports -- he warned world leaders to not let special interest groups derail the climate talks.

In light of the crack down on protesters Sunday, have also staged a counter-protest against the restrictions by placing shoes to symbolize the lack of people allowed to assemble, which included a donation of a pair of shoes by Pope Francis himself.

Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina dismissed President Obama's statements on climate change as a growing global threat over ISIS as ridiculous on Fox News over the weekened.


Of the many leaders, Chinese president Xi Jingping is also attending the summit in light of a what The New York Times reports is a release by China's Ministry of Science and Technology of its own climate change report right.

In the article, Zhang Haibin, a professor at Peking University -- who was one of the 550 experts to put the report together -- says that they've seen the changess in the problems increasing since the first report almost a decade before.

There's a deepening awareness of the gravity of the problems. From the first to the second to this third report, the negative impacts of climate change on china are increasingly apparent.

Inquisitr also went into further detail of what to expect from the conference.

In the past, activists and diplomats from poorer developing nations have walked out of the conferences in frustration of the top-down approach, where the leaders of developed nations have reportedly shown little interest to help those smaller nations. Now, the conferences are suggesting a different course of action as a bottom-up approach, where each nation will operate independently on the same course.

[Featured image by Alexander Waters Political Sociologist / Facebook]