Rare Orange Lobsters On Display At Massachusetts Deli

Five rare orange lobsters were discovered by a retail manager at a Mansfield, Mass. seafood restaurant while unpacking a 20-crate shipment of lobsters.

At first, he thought that they were already cooked, until he saw them move. It turns out, according to ABC News, that these five lobsters were an extremely rare find–one in 10 million, according to marine experts.

Ever since the find, people have come from all over to see the lobsters, which are on display at Fresh Catch, according to owner Bill Sarro. Sarro stated:

“They were filming a movie with Kate Winslet a mile away, but more people came here. It’s great for business.”

Fox 2 Now reports that Sarro recalls his retail manager’s story of finding the lobsters, saying:

“And he pulled out a bunch of lobsters he thought were already cooked and thought someone was playing a joke on us and put them in a crate. And he picked them up and they started moving and crawling up his arm. He thought it was the best thing ever.”

And it’s a lucky thing for these rare orange lobsters, because instead of being food for his patrons, Sarro intends to place them on display–one at each of his five local restaurants. Bill Sarro stated:

“No, we’re not selling them; we’re a small family business. Keep everything together. People can come in and enjoy this one in a 10 million chance to see a lobster like this.”

Fox 2 Now reports that, even rarer than an orange lobster is a yellow lobster, with the chances of catching on at 1 in 30 million. And finding an albino one? The University of Maine’s Lobster Institute reports that chance is one in 100 million.