‘Rocky’ Movies Through The Years: 10 Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Videos You’ve Never Seen

The Rocky movies have meant so much to so many people through the years, and now with Creed, a new entry in the 40-year-old saga, the first six are back in the spotlight.

Particularly of interest to fans this go-round is the 1976 original as well as Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, and Rocky Balboa.

II, III, and IV continued and closed the books on the Rocky-Apollo Creed rivalry-turned-friendship that factors so heavily into Creed.

Rocky Balboa caught fans up to where the former Heavyweight Champion of the World and Italian Stallion is at this point in his life (and why he may not be so keen to jump back into the ring).

It’s rare that a franchise can keep people interested for four decades without needing a reboot, but the Rocky movies have done just that.

As much a part of popular culture as these films are, however, the chances are very high that you know nothing of the footage you’re about to see, even if you can quote every line of every film at this point.

So get ready, fans of the Rocky movies, you’re about to be wowed.

Rocky I Fight Choreography

It’s hard to believe watching this video that Sylvester Stallone was such a nobody at the time of the film’s release. Sure, he’d been active in a few B-movies (and The Party at Kitty and Stud’s), but he was not an A-lister. Nevertheless, he had full rights to commandeer the ship over director John G. Avildsen here, and he runs the fight sequence like a ring general. Fascinating look behind what is truly movie magic, complete with sound.

Rocky II: The Making-Of You’ve Been Waiting For

Children of the ’80s had never seen anything like it. A rematch for the ages complete with brutal blood work, slow motion, and one of the most exhilarating last-second outcomes ever put on film.

It’s a special film, but beyond a few stories and photos, not much is known about the making-of/behind-the-scenes stuff. No longer! This 22-minute video opens up Rocky II‘s entire mystique. The first three minutes are a little off-putting because there’s no sound, but after that, the audio kicks in, and you get so much awesome footage and interviews.

This is a true treat if Rocky II is one of your favorites in the series.

Rocky III: Bringing Up Clubber

It’s difficult not to be intimidated by Clubber Lang (Mr. T), but this behind-the-scenes fight choreography changes everything. Mr. T was really just happy to be there, and he was a polite, respectful student of Stallone’s in-ring knowledge. Great stuff!

It would also be a crime to leave out this in-depth contemporary documentary on the making of the film.

Rocky IV: Israel TV Special

This special originally aired on Israeli TV. Some of the language may be hard to decipher, but there are a few English-language interviews. Also, the second video, while not flashy, shows off a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes photographs from the filming.

Rocky V: For the Completionists

Rocky V lovers are always disappointed that so many fans hate the fifth entry in the series. For that reason, this video will only appeal to a small group of you. Nevertheless, it’s worth including for the sake of completion.

Rocky Balboa: Skill vs. Will

Okay, you’ve probably seen this one, but you couldn’t expect that the most recent flicks would get left off the list!

Creed: Don’t Watch Unless You Want to Be Spoiled

Does this video give away EVERYTHING about the new Rocky movie? No, but you would definitely be doing yourself a disservice if you watched it before seeing the finished product. Even though it isn’t Stallone calling the shots this time, it’s easy to see the Rocky series is in good hands.

That’s it, a timeline of the Rocky movies through behind-the-scenes footage. Which video was your favorite, fans?

[Image via Rocky movies Facebook page]