Zayn Malik, Simon Cowell Still Smoking, But One Pays £100 For Each Cigarette

An ongoing headline involving Zayn Malik and Simon Cowell has related to awkward moments, but one of the most awkward themes for fans is the fact that both of them smoke cigarettes — a lot.

In fact, during an awards ceremony in early November, Simon Cowell dropped an awkward moment about Zayn Malik and smoking within a few sentences. As reported by Glamour U.K., Simon Cowell specifically said the following about smoking when making a reference to his infant son, Eric.

“I hope he will be standing here in 23 years’ time as I’m being wheeled into the Grosvenor House on my second pack of cigarettes.”

Of course, fans are well-aware that Zayn Malik and most of the Syco label are smokers — and it appears that Zayn has not stopped. In fact, when interviewing with the Fader on November 17, Zayn Malik lit up a combination of marijuana and tobacco.

Naturally, in 2015, few fans of Zayn Malik, Simon Cowell (or any of the Syco record label musicians such as most of the members of One Direction or Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix) are particularly happy to see them smoking.

Jade Thirlwall has been pictured smoking at least once, allegedly.
Jade Thirlwall of Syco's Little Mix has allegedly been photographed at least once puffing on hookah tobacco. (Picture by Getty Images)

Each time Zayn Malik publishes a photo of himself smoking on social media, the press catches fire with headlines full of complaints. For instance, on September 8, Billboard wagged their finger at Zayn Malik for puffing away on Instagram.

Along those lines, when Simon Cowell is caught smoking, the press makes a note of it. For example, the Daily Mail reports around the first of June that Simon Cowell’s partner, Lauren Silverman, playfully tried to keep him from smoking at one of Simon’s charity events.

Nevertheless, it appears that Simon Cowell has decided to do something about the smoking associated with him and Syco musicians like Zayn Malik. As it appears, there will be a lot of big changes with Simon Cowell and X Factor — and smoking is a big priority.

Amid controversy from Sam Bailey that it is “time to axe the X Factor,” the Metro also reports that Simon Cowell needs the support of fans more than ever. Adding to this, the Independent says that some fans now feel Simon Cowell’s X Factor is all a fraud.

Perhaps as a way to thank fans for their loyalty, Simon Cowell has finally decided that it is time to listen to fans that are very vocal about his smoking habit — and he has been paying up in dollars and cents.

Zayn Malik fans hate his smoking habit while the women in his life do not seem to mind it.
Are fans more upset about Zayn Malik smoking than the women in his life? (Photo by Alex Huckle/Getty Images)

The Mirror reports on November 28 that Simon Cowell has decided to cut down his habit of 40 cigarettes (two packs) per day to 10. It is also reported in a separate article by the Mirror that he will also pay for any that he does decide to smoke — but not by choice.

As part of a way to reduce smoking, the studio where X Factor is filmed forces those that light up to deposit £100 in fines. When clarifying the reason Simon Cowell has paid thousands for breaking this rule, it turns out that he was smoking inside the building, backstage.

Interestingly, although some fans might be hoping that Simon Cowell’s smoking reduction will be a good influence on those around him to quit smoking — Zayn Malik’s smoking does not seem to bother Gigi Hadid.

Apparently, as reported by insiders talking with Jezebel, “They were holding hands under the table, whispering in each others’ ears, and Zayn [was] holding Gigi’s leg. Gigi was so attached to him that she even followed Zayn outside to the patio during a smoke break.”

The Mirror reports on November 28 that insiders say that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid might not be officially boyfriend/girlfriend — but Zayn is definitely smitten with her.

This might be terrible news for the other smoking-tolerant person in Zayn Malik’s life: Perrie Edwards. There have been rumors that Perrie Edwards would take Zayn Malik back (smoking and all), but Zayn is obviously intertwined with Gigi Hadid in some way.

Oddly, Perrie Edwards might not be the only one that does not mind that he is a smoker. Vanity Fair states that, in an interview about being single, Selena Gomez recently stated that she would not mind dating Zayn Malik.

To find out more information about quitting smoking, consult the Cancer website.

[Picture by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]