ISIS Terrorist Seen Whimpering And Crying After Capture By Kurdish Troops [Video]

A video emerged again this weekend that shows a captured suspected Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist crying in fear after being captured by Kurdish soldiers.

New York Daily News reports that it’s unknown when or where the ISIS man was captured, nor what his fate was, but the petrified terrorist was blindfolded and handcuffed with his hands behind him, while sitting in the back of a military jeep. Kurdish soldiers talked amongst themselves, ignoring the man’s cries. One of the soldiers tazed the man’s leg, which prompted even more whimpers and cries.

Although the exact location is unclear, a green Kurdish flag is seen flying in the background, attached to a jeep that sits in a desert landscape.

The video is garnering a lot of new interest this week, with more than 18 million views on LiveLeak alone, but it was originally published last December. Since then, the prisoner’s name and fate hasn’t been released. Another prisoner sat quietly in the back of the same jeep, on the opposite side of his crying partner in crime. Both prisoners were dressed in civilian clothes. The whimpering man wore a red, long-sleeved shirt and jeans, while the quiet prisoner wore a black leather jacket and red pants.

Numerous Twitter users compared the sobbing extremist to a “crybaby,” tweeting that it obviously doesn’t take much to make a “tough” terrorist suspect break down.


Last week, another alleged ISIS terrorist, Salah Abdeslam, revealed fears of his own to a friend. The extremist fled after reportedly participating in the November 13 Paris attacks, fearing that ISIS would behead him because he didn’t blow himself up with the other terrorists who were caught during the attack. Instead, Abdeslam, the only terrorist to survive the ordeal, ran into hiding.

One of his friends met the runaway terrorist in Brussels, shortly after the Paris attacks. The unidentified friend stated that Abdeslam did not “complete his task” by committing suicide via a bomb as the others did. The friend also stated that Abdeslam showed extreme remorse for taking part in the incident.

“He told me he had gone too far. He was overwhelmed by what was happening.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Abdeslam, currently the most wanted man in Europe, was taken to another part of Brussels by a different friend, Ali Oulkadi. For helping Abdeslam escape, Oulkadi remains behind bars, although his attorney, Olivier Martins, stated that his client had no idea he was going to pick up Abdeslam. Oulkadi allegedly received a call from a friend, asking him to help out “another friend,” without giving a name.

“My client did not know he was going to pick up Salah. My client was in shock.”

Abdeslam still remains at large.

Meanwhile, a mass grave was recently found close to Sinjar, Iraq, a city once taken over by ISIS until Turkish troops forced them out. The grave, which authorities believe held the remains of at least 120 deceased people, was rigged with bombs. It’s the sixth grave found around the Sinjar area since earlier this month when troops recaptured the city. Officials think that more graves will be found.

The remains found in the grave were not buried deeply. Some of the body parts were found above the grave, possibly due to rain.

Earlier this month, troops discovered a mass grave that held the remains of 80 women, ranging in ages from 40 to 80. The women were reportedly killed by ISIS because they were too old to be raped and/or enslaved.

[Photo Courtesy of John Moore/Getty Images]