‘Creed 2’ Is Happening: What Is Next For New ‘Rocky’ Sequels? [SPOILERS]

Creed 2 is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point. While it’s true that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have yet to announce their plans, the writing is on the wall.

Michael B. Jordan revealed in a new interview that he is excited about lacing up the gloves again. Sylvester Stallone has confessed that he wouldn’t mind playing Rocky even when he’s an angel. Even director Ryan Coogler is game for turning this into a full-scale franchise.

As Jordan puts it in a recent interview with Yahoo, “A character so rich as this, and the world he’s in, I want to see what happens to him next and what he does.”

Jordan continued.

“Especially the way it ends off, it’s pretty cool. I think with success and time and circumstances, it would be exciting to come back and work with (co-stars) Sly (Stallone) and Tessa (Thompson) again.”

Now, a word of warning, it’s about to get pretty spoiler-heavy, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, then you may want to turn back.

Now, for the rest of you, there must always be adversity in the Rocky films. If a character is not losing, then he can’t very well be the underdog who needs to fight his way out of the shadows. That means the soaring emotional heights with which Creed ended will need to be brought back down to earth.

That said, here are some probable options for where Creed 2 is going.

Creed 2 means doom for Bianca.

Bianca (Tessa Thompson) and Adonis (Jordan) are the new Adrian and Rocky, respectively.

It took Stallone five whole films before he finally decided to kill off Adrian.

Therefore, it’s unlikely anything mortality-wise would happen to Bianca in Creed 2. However, the progressive hearing loss angle does give the relationship some dramatic weight that Coogler and Company can draw from.

How would a woman, who loves music, react to losing her hearing? What would she be without that purpose?

It’s possible that Adonis’ love for Bianca is enough, but what if it isn’t? Could the series see its first suicide, or perhaps a depressed Bianca inadvertently pulling out in front of a semi-truck?

Losing his partner in such a way could be too much for Adonis to overcome, but what if there was a child in the mix? He couldn’t give up on life if he had a baby to take care of, could he?

Look for some serious troubles for Bianca and Adonis down the road — if not Creed 2, then definitely Creed 3.

Image via Creed Facebook

Creed 2 means eventually Adonis Creed, champion of the world.

As good as Creed and Rocky Balboa were, one of the frustrating things about both films is that our heroes keep losing.

One must wonder if a more ambiguous ending to Rocky Balboa would have been better suited. Have Rocky leave the ring like he does in the real deal, but before announcing the final judge’s scorecard, cut to the cemetery scene and let fans draw their own conclusion.

Most would have assumed he lost the split decision, while others would hold out hope for a win. Above all, this type of an ending would have further emphasized that it didn’t matter who won the fight.

Fast forward to Creed and you have Adonis laying out the champion, only to lose the fight because he gets up at the count of nine and the round is already over.

If you’re going to “go there,” why not go all the way with it and have Adonis win by knockout?

Well, Creed 2 will have to break this losing streak.

Creed 2 means Rocky is on borrowed time.

One of the big reasons that many fans wanted Creed to be good but not particularly successful at the box office, is that with each film, Rocky Balboa is running out of time.

In Creed, he suffers through cancer treatments, but he’s still kicking at the end (though not particularly good at getting up those steps any more).

It’s hard to see the Rocky of Creed making it through a second or third film, and the death of Rocky is not something many are particularly enthused about watching.

Nevertheless, there isn’t much left for the Rock to overcome. He’s fought every battle put in front of him, and he’s now more wise old sage than a character that needs further growth and development.

It’s probable that Rocky’s death will have to be used at some point to keep Adonis digging deep within himself.

What are some viable story options that you see for Creed 2? Sound off in the comments section.

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