Okami HD Coming to PlayStation 3 With Move Support

Capcom today confirmed that Okami, the PlayStation 2 cult classic that puts players in control of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, will be getting another re-release, this time on the PlayStation 3–and with a new coat of paint.

Okami HD, as it’s called here in North America, will bring Okami to the PlayStation 3 with overhauled graphics and, as you’d no doubt expect, support for Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controller.

“Ōkami HD brings Amaterasu’s epic tale to the PS3 with fully integrated HD graphics and 16:9 aspect ratio,” Capcom said in a press release. “The trademark sumi-e ink art style lends itself perfectly to HD allowing players to experience more of the awe-inspiring world displayed in greater detail than ever before.”

Apart from PlayStation Move support, Okami HD is also said to include the obligatory trophy support. The game will be released digitally over on PlayStation Network for $19.99, but Capcom didn’t say exactly when Okami HD will be released.

To see Okami HD‘s high-definition makeover for yourself, you can check out the debut footage of the PlayStation 3 port directly below.