Kathy Hilton Denies Kim Richards Returning To 'RHOBH' With Kyle Richards For Free, Blames Rumor On 'Snakes In The Woodpile'

Karen de Wilde

Is Kim Richards really so desperate to be back on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her sister Kyle Richards that she filmed scenes for the upcoming sixth season for free? According to her other sister, Kathy Hilton, that is a lie. Kathy has also addressed the criticism that Kim shouldn't be back on the show because she's not well enough.

Last week, Kathy posted a tweet that questioned why Kim would work for free. She seemingly blamed the rumor on "a couple of snakes in the woodpile."

Yet Kathy seems to believe that it's fine for Kim to be back on Real Housewives because she's all better. On Wednesday, she retweeted a person's tweet expressing the belief that Kim got the help that she needed and that's why she's back filming.

Kim wasn't paid a dime to return to RHOBH. She was desperate to get back on TV to restore her reputation.

While viewers won't see Kim holding a diamond in the opening credits, they will still see her in at least one scene. The official preview shows Kim in one scene with Lisa Rinna. The two women seem to be talking about how Lisa R. questioned Kim's sobriety to the other housewives in season 5, something that Kim did not appreciate. Kim tells Lisa R. that she "really pointed some nasty fingers" at her, to which Lisa R. tells her that she's got to "own [her] own stuff."

While Kim Richards and Kyle Richards ended season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills not talking to one another, they're now at least back on speaking terms. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim and Kyle even watched the season 1 uncensored special, a special that focused heavily on Kim's alcoholism, that aired last week together. Did they also celebrate Thanksgiving together? So far, neither woman has posted any photos showing that they did. On Thursday, Kim wished her fans a happy Thanksgiving and posted a photo of herself with her three daughters.