Britney Spears: Vegas Residency A ‘Game Changer’ For The Pop Star And The Strip, J LO Secondary To Brit

Britney Spears has seen her fair share of ups and downs since coming on the scene 15 years ago. The star has a number of hits under her belt and awards to put on her wall, but her personal life has been nothing short of tumultuous due to a series of relationships-gone-bad and broken hearts. Spears’ presence in the music world was fading as her pop-princess torch had dimmed and was on the verge of burning out as she aged and failed to be relevant. Spears was falling short next to acts like Lady Gaga. Album sales have likewise dipped over the years, although Brit does have a solid and loyal fan base.

The unfortunate decrease in popularity and lower than usual sales on albums seemed to disallow Spears a place in the industry. At least until Vegas came calling. Skin-baring performances and sensational productions are what the Vegas performance strip is all about, and Spears was just the youthful star that Sin City was looking for.

Brit’s stability in the industry has since pulled off a complete 180. Forbes Magazine has shared, however, how Spears has done the city a service by revolutionizing Vegas with her arrival on the strip.

“Spears is perhaps not in her ‘prime’, but she is still recording and releasing music that has a very good chance of performing well sales-wise and on the charts, whereas artists like Elton John or Celine Dion (to provide just two examples) may still create new music, but it’s unlikely that any of their new material will appear on top 40 radio.”

The magazine relays how the majority of acts that sign on for residencies, are not in the running to have top hits like in their glory days. Spears, although less popular, is still able to put out a top 40 hit and bring along with her a younger audience and new appeal to the city. Additionally, Spears has shown that she is able to still create new music while being a resident in Vegas.

“In the two-plus years since Britney began her Piece Of Me show, she has proven that it won’t stop her from her regular release schedule. In fact, her residency kicked off just weeks after her most recent album, Britney Jean, hit store shelves, and since then she unleashed new single ‘Pretty Girls’.”

Although the singles released since Brit took to the strip have barely cracked the top 40, she remains the only star who currently is in residence in the city famous for its star performers that is still relevant enough to make it on the charts the majority of the time.

Other performers with residency, alongside Spears, include Mariah Carey, who often makes the adult contemporary hit list, along with Celine Dion, who knows how to pack a house, yet likewise, does not create hits for the top 40. Soon-to-arrive resident, Jennifer Lopez, will surely please crowds with her incredible vocal and dance ability; however, much like Mariah, does not continue to put out new material.

Britney has, therefore, found her niche and capitalized on her residency. The star has changed things up for the strip and she has agreed to stay on for another little while. News recently broke that Spears signed a new contract that would see her residency extended into 2016.

As TMZ recently shared, Spears and JLo will be performing in the same venue, and seeing as Brit is the “reigning queen,” she has been allowed to choose her concert dates ahead of Lopez, leaving Jen with the leftovers. Spears has certainly earned her place and Lopez is likely to follow in finding success during her time as a Vegas resident.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)