‘F**k You Muslims’: FBI Loses Track Of Heavily Armed Anti-Islam Activist Headed To New York, Issues Warning

A heavily armed anti-Islam activist, Jon Ritzheimer, posted a profanity laden video to his personal Facebook page which outlined his plans to “confront” a Muslim newspaper in New York City. Ritzheimer claimed he was headed to New York as he brandished a gun. The anti-Islam activist is said to be heavily armed and was being tracked by the FBI. However, the FBI claims they have lost track of Ritzheimer in Pennsylvania after he became upset and refused to continue talks with the agents. Therefore, the FBI took unusual steps in contacting local authorities in New York City of the potential threat.

The Daily Mail reports that a vocal anti-Islam activist, Jon Ritzheimer, is headed to New York to allegedly “confront” The Islamic Post newspaper. The confrontation allegedly stems from an article written in The Islamic Post that called Ritzheimer the “American Taliban” and referred to him as a terrorist. In response, Ritzheimer claimed he was headed to New York from his home in Phoenix, Arizona, to “confront” the Islamic newspaper. However, in the video, Ritzheimer brandished a gun and cocked it, leading police to believe that Ritzheimer may be a threat to the Muslim community in New York.

Warning: The video below contains strong language and may not be suitable for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

In the profanity-laden video, Ritzheimer says the he is not afraid of Muslims and that if they come to “our country” they better watch out because “we’re ready for you.”

“Bring it on you Muslim f****. You want to come f*** around in our country? We’re ready for you. So I’m not afraid.”

In response to Ritzheimer’s alleged threat against the Muslim newspaper, The Islamic Post printed a response to the apparent threat in the newspaper. The Muslims of America, media partners for The Islamic Post, are telling citizens to remain vigilant and to report any sighting of Ritzheimer. The post notes that Islamberg, NY, an area located 45 miles southeast of Binghamton, is believed to be the key target of the anti-Islam activist and say that residents should be on the lookout.

The publication also places blame on any other violence in the area that may result from Ritzheimer’s “incendiary comments.”

“Ritzheimer’s rhetoric and incendiary comments and conduct will cause other misinformed citizens to act with violence and hatred toward their fellow Americans. We hold him responsible for any untoward acts that may result from his videos, pictures and calls to action against Muslims.”

According the the FBI, Ritzheimer was speaking with agents up until he made it to Scranton, Pennsylvania. However, at that time he became angry with the questioning and stopped speaking to officials. After being unable to communicate with the anti-Islam activist, the FBI issued an alert to local authorities in New York of the potential threat posed by the man. They noted the video as a potential threat to the Muslim community in New York and noted that Ritzheimer is believed to be heavily armed.

This isn’t the first time that the anti-Islam activist has made waves. Ritzheimer was called the “American Taliban” by The Islamic Post back in June of this year after he became the face of the anti-Islam movement. The former marine urges all Americans to carry riffles and weapons with them at all times and to avoid being a “victim” of “your own country.” He also spoke out against U.S. President Barack Obama saying, “f*** Obama.”

“I’m urging all Americans across the US to start carrying a rifle with you everywhere. Don’t be a victim in your own country. F*** Obama.”

[Image by AP Photo/Rick Scuteri]