Jennifer Aniston’s Honeymoon Ruined By Investigation Surrounding Death Of Close Friend

Jennifer Aniston appeared alongside Dakota Johnson and Gwen Stefani to celebrate the launch of jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer’s first ready-to-wear collection, XO Jennifer Meyer, as reported by Popsugar.

Even though there was no red carpet, the stylish celebs dressed in gorgeous dresses. The dress code for the event was fancy but fun, with Jennifer Meyer wearing a floaty printed wrap dress from her own collection, as reported by Vogue. But Jennifer Aniston decided to stand out from the crowd by wearing a luxurious dress.

Jennifer Aniston opted for a long dress that featured knot details at the waist as well as the bottom.

Despite all reports confirming that Jennifer Aniston’s marriage is going strong, it seems that the couple’s honeymoon was less romantic than they had planned. Jennifer Aniston her husband Justin Theroux’s honeymoon turned out to be tragic after the death of her friend Carmel Musgrove in Bora Bora back in August of this year, as reported to News Australia.

Moreover, Jennifer Aniston is caught up in the drug investigation of her 28-year-old friend. Musgrove was an assistant to producer Joel Silver who worked with the Lethal Weapon and Die Hard franchises, and according to News Australia citing Radar Online, she died suddenly after travelling to France with Aniston and Theroux’s friends for a celebrity getaway after their private wedding.

The document provided by Radar Online lists Jennifer Aniston in connection with Musgrove’s death. Musgrove died from a combination of drowning and too much drugs and alcohol in her body.

Jennifer Aniston’s friend was reportedly last seen at midnight on August 19 in her hotel room in the French Polynesian island, where Aniston and Theroux were spending their honeymoon.

But Jennifer Aniston’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, revealed in an interview with Radar Online that it was all an unfortunate coincidence.

“Her honeymoon was well over, and she was already back in Los Angeles when this horrible tragedy occurred.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux held a private wedding at her Bel-Air estate on August 5, and the next day the couple was on a private plane bound to Bora Bora. Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney, Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Chelsea Handler were among them, as reported by News Australia.

A source revealed in an interview with Radar Online what stage the investigation is at.

“Now Jen’s beautiful memories of her honeymoon are turning into a horror. The authorities are trying to determine where the drugs her friend consumed before her death came from.”

According to News Australia, Jennifer Aniston and her husband’s honeymoon was destroyed by the tragic death of their friend as well as the investigation that is centered around it. The source, who spoke to Radar Online also called Jennifer Aniston’s honeymoon “a real nightmare in paradise.”

“Jen will never be able to think about her honeymoon again without remembering how her friend lost her life. It’s now a real nightmare in paradise.”

It must be noted that Musgrove’s death is not the first weird thing centered around Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The couple has a “unique” relationship, which includes weird rituals such as naked dinners, as reported by Design & Trend citing an interview with an insider who spoke with OK! Magazine.

“Their new thing is eating dinner in the nude! Jen says marriage seems to have made Justin even more passionate.”

Moreover, the insider said Theroux likes to read in bed, watch TV, browse the Internet, and answer emails, all of which he frequently does at the same time – even while Jennifer Aniston is trying to get some sleep.

And don’t even get the former Friends star started on her husband’s fascination with Call of Duty 3!

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