WWE News: Raven Talks About Being On Creative Department

In some interesting WWE news, Raven talks about his time in the creative department, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

Some of the more interesting things that we have learned over the past year have originated from the weekly podcast interview show run by Chris Jericho. The reason why he has one of the best shows in the industry is because he has a knack for knowing what to ask people. Jericho also has a comfort level with most the people that he interviews, so the discussions are usually more candid than normal. His guest this week was Raven, who revealed a couple of things.

When asked how he was able to work his way into the creative department in WWE during the early 1990s, Raven revealed that he was able to earn the trust of Vince McMahon when he was substituting for Jerry Lawler as a color commentator. The former ECW Heavyweight Champion is well known for being prepared when he works, which caught the attention of McMahon. Being a fan of passionate people, McMahon gave Raven a chance as an associate producer.

Vince McMahon The latest WWE news is that Vince McMahon was only willing to give Raven a chance in the creative department and not as an in ring performer for WWE. [Photo by WWE]Raven Leaving WWE

While he did have some fun in the creative department, things did not go all that great for Raven. The man legally known as Scott Levy broke some unwritten rules. For starter, Raven was unaware that employees were not allowed to date within the office. When asked for an identity by Jericho, he coyly revealed that there was more than one relationship. Raven was also a drinking buddy to Shane McMahon, who was in his early 20s at the time. Vince did not like that.

A bigger reason why Raven ended up leaving WWE was his burning desire to become a star as a wrestler. Prior to joining World Wrestling Entertainment, he found some success on the independent wrestling circuit and WCW. Raven enjoyed being on the creative department, a job that paid him over six figures. However, his heart was set on following a dream. In retrospect, it turned out well because Levy went on to create the legendary Raven character in ECW.

Shane McMahon The latest WWE news is that Vince McMahon was not too pleased with Raven for being a drinking buddy to a young Shane McMahon. [Photo by WWE]Raven Returning To WWE

One of the things that professional wrestling fans have been complaining about over the years is that WWE has lost a lot of their creativity. Many feel that McMahon made a mistake by replacing brilliant wrestling minds with script writers from Hollywood with no wrestling background whatsoever. Raven has long been considered one of the brightest wrestling minds ever, so fans have been clamoring to see him given another chance in the creative department.

Unfortunately, though, that appears extremely likely to ever happen again. In addition to McMahon being satisfied with the way his creative department is currently set up, the CEO might also be holding a personal grudge against Raven. Levy recently filed a lawsuit against WWE because he felt that he was treated as an employee even though performers were given the label of “independent contractors”. The bridge might have been burnt beyond recognition.

Would you like to see Raven being given another chance in the WWE creative department?

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