Former Apple Employee Wrecked Two Luxury Rentals With Garbage And Excrement

A former Apple employee appeared to be the perfect tenant when he applied to rent his latest home. However, this is reportedly the second home the Apple employee has left filled with piled up garbage and excrement smeared on all the interior walls, floors and ceilings.

German-born Robert Kummer, 37, reportedly was already in trouble for wrecking a luxury apartment he had rented in Cork, Ireland, where he left behind two tons of rubbish and his own bodily waste smeared all over the interior. Now he has wrecked yet another luxury home in Dublin in a similar manner, and it is believed that he has left a similar trail of filth everywhere he has stayed in the past.

The owner of the latest rental, Michael Mulligan, told the Irish Mirror he was faced with the removal of two tons of rubbish after Kummer moved out. Mulligan said when he went to inspect the property, he nearly passed out.

“I actually had to be held up. We could hardly get in the door as the rubbish was up to the counter.”

He added that at first he was angry, but that this quickly turned to despair, as he had spent €160,000 (around $170,000) renovating the one-bedroom cottage, which was previously in a excellent condition. Saying he couldn’t afford to hire someone to do the work, it took him six months to clean up the property himself.

“I bet if it could be checked out I’d say this guy left a trail of dirt behind him everywhere he went.”

On Thursday, the unwelcome tenant was jailed for a year for the damage he left behind in the Cork apartment. The court heard how the former Apple employee had strewn thousands of bottles of urine and feces around the apartment and had also smeared the walls, floors, and ceilings of the apartment with his own waste.

In that case, the Apple employee was caught when his neighbors called the police, fearing a foul smell they were experiencing in the area was from a dead body.

The owner is baffled as to why the man destroyed his property, saying Kummer appeared to a “very nice” person when he originally rented the property in 2009, staying there for 16 months.

Mulligan said, “He came in with a set of golf clubs and I was very happy to get him. He seemed like a gentleman.”

The former Apple employee was reportedly the first tenant to stay in the newly-renovated home, and later told Mulligan he was moving to America.

When Mulligan got the news, he decided to check out the house and was shocked by what he saw. While he reported the incident to the local police, and they told Mulligan it was bordering on criminal damage, he says he never got his money back.

“In all it cost me around €9,000 ($9,500) when lost rent is included and to make it worse I was under pressure from the banks at the time.”

Apparently Mulligan decided to come forward to the media about the incident after he was shocked to see details of Kummer’s court case in the Irish Mirror.

A blog and Twitter account, both reportedly owned by the former Apple employee, made it sound like the the man was depressed and desperately in need of help.

However, according to the Mirror Online, psychiatrist Dr. John Dennehy said Kummer may have been depressed, but he was “at a loss to explain his behavior“.

[Photo via Flickr by Bart Everson/CC BY 2.0]