Louis Tomlinson: Were Mexican Journalists Banned From Baby Talk?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is reportedly set to become a father in the new year. Back in July rumors began to circulate that Tomlinson had fathered a baby with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth. Louis, it was claimed, had a brief relationship with Briana whilst on a stop-over in L.A. during One Direction’s “On The Road Again” world tour. In early August Tomlinson made his only comment to date about Briana’s pregnancy when he answered a question during an interview on Good Morning America. As previously reported in Inquisitr that statement ran to all of eleven words.

“Obviously it’s a very exciting time. So I’m buzzing, thank you.”

Many One Direction fans are convinced that Tomlinson’s forthcoming fatherhood is a story “leaked” by One Direction’s management to cover up the fact that Louis is gay. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are adamant that Louis and band-mate Harry Styles are a couple and have been for years.

One Direction fans are renowned for their ability to smell a rat and undertake the detective work to expose lies. On a number of occasions skeptical fans have uncovered fake death stories, and a host of other ruses designed to bring fans to the attention of One Direction.

A large and growing group of One Direction fans, known as “shippers” believe that One Direction’s management is obsessional about the bands image. One Direction is treated as a product, and they claim that management wants to cover up the relationship between Styles and Tomlinson for fear of damaging the “brand.”

Back in April of this year 4 Music reported the extent to which the image of Tomlinson and his band-mates is manipulated. They claim that the Sony e-mail hack revealed the personality types that Louis and his band-mates should adopt in public and how they should be portrayed to the media.

Harry is described as “witty” and “adorably slow”, Liam as “driven” and “sensible”, Niall as “giggly” and “sweet”, Louis as “funny” and “random” and Zayn as “a poser”, “a player” and “The Dark Horse.”

Put simply, Louis’ fans simply take nothing at face value. So far, as the story about Baby Tomlinson goes, Louis fans fall into three camps. Those who believe that Briana is not pregnant, those who believe that Briana’s baby is not Louis’, and those who believe Briana is acting s a surrogate to enable Louis and Harry to have a child.

Tomlinson and his management do not often comment on internet gossip, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the topic of baby Tomlinson is taboo in interviews. The Sun recently reported that when they interviewed Tomlinson recently, they were warned that any questions about Louis’ baby would mean an immediate termination of the interview.

It seems that Louis continues to insist that baby Tomlinson questions are still off the agenda. Despite Louis and his band-mates having given dozens of interviews during the current promotional tour, not a single baby Tomlinson question has been asked.

It seems that the reason for this is that Louis has expressly forbidden such question. Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction are currently in Mexico where it seems that Louis has threatened journalists with expulsion from press conferences if baby Tomlinson is mentioned.

Translated from Spanish the Tweet says that Louis has warned that journalists who ask paternity questions will be expelled. Many of Louis’ fans think it very odd that Tomlinson refuses to speak about his baby, especially now that the birth is just a couple of months away.

Back in July Briana explicitly denied being pregnant when rumors began to circulate that she was having Louis’ baby. Whilst Briana has been photographed in company with Louis’ mother and sister at a One Direction show she has not been seen with Tomlinson since the pregnancy story emerged.

Whilst Tomlinson could simply be protecting his privacy many of Louis Tomlinson’s fans firmly believe that something about this pregnancy simply doesn’t add up.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]