‘Walking Dead’ Gears Up For Mid-Season Break [Spoilers]

Walking Dead fans are no doubt disappointed by the fact that there are only two episodes left before the mid-season break in the show. They are also probably expecting some answers to be given during those two episodes. First of all, who are those new people Daryl met up with in the woods and the group they had been associated with? Yahoo! TV reports that it is a good setup with which to introduce Negan, a character from the comic book who will be played by Jeffery Dean Morgan.

The small Walking Dead problem of the walkers outside the walls of Alexandria also needs to be dealt with, but what fans are waiting for the most is the answer to whether or not Glenn is still alive. The fate of Glenn ties in with the introduction of Negan to the show, which is supposed to happen in the season 6 finale.

Cinema Blend reports that in the comics, Negan beats Glenn to death with his precious Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. But if Glenn is already dead, then who takes his place as Negan’s victim? Cleveland has reported that there was a Walking Dead video leaked form the AMC set of The Walking Dead that showed Negan beating someone, but not who. The poor-quality video was removed from the Internet due to copyright issues, which indicates the video most likely really did contain legitimate footage.

The promo trailer for the next episode of The Walking Dead is now out and shows that Rick and Morgan are going to have the big talk they haven’t had yet. It also sounds as if there is some threat to the community that they need to deal with, but it shows nothing concrete about an impending threat from Negan’s group.

Regardless of what happens down the line, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, sat down with Entertainment Weekly and talked about his favorite day on the set. His first response was every day.

“Every day. I love this job. It’s the greatest job I have ever had the privilege of being involved in.”

But digging a little deeper, Lincoln recalled a favorite scene from the first episode of the show.

“I would have to say one of the most memorable times was riding the horse into Atlanta. Just because of the scale. It was at that point that I realized, oh, this is not like any TV show I’ve ever been involved in. It’s much better than a lot of movies — the ambition of the show.”

As for fans who want to get a little closer to the action on the show, they will soon be able to get their fill of real-life walkers – well, sort of. Sally Corporation gave a preview of their new, dark ride, The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival. The ride will use projection effects and live animatronics to create a scary, slightly less gory version of the show.

The company showed the first animatronic walker at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention in Orlando and it was pretty impressive.

Inside the Magic reports that the designer of the ride, Rich Hill, said it the Walking Dead ride will be scarier than most.

“It’ll be a bit scarier than most dark rides, not necessarily for all ages, but the gore will be toned down a bit from the show.”

What a fabulous way to enjoy The Walking Dead outside of the show. Now fans have even more to wait for.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]