Courtney Love Is Back: Says She’s ‘Out Of Movie Star Jail’

Courtney Love is back and she is better than ever! Love has had her share of difficulties, including the suicide of her husband, Kurt Cobain; battling a drug addiction; legal issues; and, of course, being a mid-fifties woman in Hollywood. However, despite all of this – and despite not appearing in a movie in ten years – Courtney Love is making a comeback, on the small screen, the big screen, and onstage.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were such an aesthetically pleasing couple

— Lord Disick (@_taylormdiaz) November 21, 2015

The last movie Courtney Love was in, The People vs Larry Flint, earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her role. Now she is preparing for a new role in James Franco’s movie The Long Home. According to The Guardian, Love revived her acting career by moving forward and avoiding trouble.

“You just keep going and be good and don’t get in trouble.”

Courtney Love also stated that the lull in her acting career was not due to her developing a bad reputation as an actor.

“I never had a bad reputation as an actor. I was never difficult. I never used drugs or anything like that when I was doing film. You just get good agents and move forward. I’m getting out of movie star jail. I’m out.”

Not only will Courtney Love be in a new movie next year, she has also been appearing on the small screen recently as well. She has appeared in a number of Empire episodes as the rocker Elle Dallas. But ABC News reports that Love has gone beyond the screen and done her first work in musical theater. Love was cast in the leading role of Todd Almond’s musical “Kansas City Choir Boy.” Courtney Love said she was excited to try musical theater.

“I was really excited to do musical theater, so this is my first foray and it’s awesome. It is surprising it’s taken this long, but it just never came my way.”

Todd Almond said the role was made for Courtney Love.

“The second you look at the character you need to think well, you don’t belong in Kansas City; you have a great destiny. And I think one quality of Courtney is the second she walks in the room you’re like, ‘this is a goddess who’s walked in, and she has a greater destiny than we mere mortals.'”

Twitter is full of reviews from people who have genuinely enjoyed Love’s performance onstage.

Catch a glimpse of the performance at the Kirk Douglas Theater here.

Courtney Love’s revival in the acting industry comes amid new conspiracy theories as to where a lock of her deceased husband’s hair came from. A lock of Kurt Cobain’s hair was recently auctioned off at Julien’s Auction. According to Alternative Nation, Seattle journalist Richard Lee thinks the lock of hair was from Cobain’s deceased corpse. He bases this theory on what Courtney Love posted about the mutilation of Cobain’s corpse in the funeral home.

“In February of 2003, Courtney Love briefly posted a 1,221-word narrative describing the mutilation of Kurt Cobain’s corpse and theft of his body parts by personnel of the King County Medical Examiner and the Bleitz Funeral Home. In more than a month of investigation, I established that there was an undeniable body of circumstantial evidence arguing that Courtney Love was describing criminal acts which did in some way actually occur, constituting gross misdemeanor crimes under the Revised Code of Washington.”

Regardless of what has happened with Courtney Love’s deceased husband, Love is becoming more and more involved in the acting world once again. It will be exciting for fans to watch her rise up and take charge once again.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]