Five Ways To Fill In Time Until ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Mid Season Finale

This Sunday AMC will air the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. While it is only a few short days away, how can you best fill in the time until Episode 8 – entitled “Start To Finish” – of season 6 airs? Here’s some ideas to tide you over until Sunday.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about season 6 of The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

  1. Binge watch The Walking Dead. While it may be a little too late to watch The Walking Dead from Episode 1 of Season 1 – especially if you want to include the companion series, Fear The Walking Dead– why not watch all seven episodes of season 6 all over again? Watching the show as one continuous movie adds an extra element that is missed when watching The Walking Dead one episode at a time over the span of weeks. While many fans sometimes complain that AMC concentrates too much on individual plots or characters as a way to keep people tuning in after cliffhangers, think the whole “Is Glenn alive or dead” cliffhanger in this season of The Walking Dead, when you watch the season in its entirety, that cliffhanger becomes less about getting annoyed at AMC and the writers for dragging things out, and more about the delicious build up to the culmination of that story line.
  2. Read the comics. The third compendium of The Walking Dead hit the stores in October. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the latest compendium, as well as to scour the second compendium for potential spoilers for the remainder of season 6 of The Walking Dead. For those of you who haven’t read any of the comics yet, now is the perfect time to grab them all and binge on them to fill in those last few days before the mid season finale. But, just remember, while AMC draws inspiration from the comics, none of the story lines are set in stone. So while you may read what seems like potential spoilers for The Walking Dead, there is certainly wiggle room when it comes to many of the story lines used in the TV version.Plan ahead now for you mid season finale party of AMC's The Walking Dead [Image credit: AMC]
  3. Organize your Walking Dead finale party now. While you can use a previous Inquisitr article as inspiration for hosting a last minute finale party, you can also hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. Alternatively, you can grab a pen and paper and brainstorm your own ideas. Some things to think about include what have been outstanding or iconic costumes from season 6. Carol’s grandmotherly disguise is still as relevant in this season of the Walking Dead as it was in season 5. Michonne and her katana is a classic costume that never seems to date from season to season. Food-wise, anything that is red or looks like blood and gore are easy food ideas for a Walking Dead mid season finale party. Spaghetti and meatballs can easily look like gory insides, especially if you decorate the dish to look like the torso of a walker victim. Meatloaf can also be creatively molded into gruesome shapes and baked to look like walkers. If you are looking for drink ideas, anything red is an easy choice. To get creative, why not try googling “zombie cocktails” for inspiration?
  4. Check out AMC’s website for all the latest on Episode 8 of The Walking Dead. As well as a sneak peek into Episode 8, you can check out what other fans thought of Episode 7, go over the photos released already from Episode 8 for any spoilery information as well as take a virtual tour of Alexandria.The Walking Dead season 6 theories [Image credit: AMC]
  5. Check out some of the Walking Dead theories. Walking Dead fans are dedicated, and some spend way too much time watching and re-watching episodes of The Walking Dead in order to find all the Easter eggs dropped by the show’s creators, as well as coming up with some pretty amazing ideas from upcoming episodes and where story lines could be headed. If you are interested, typing the search term “Walking Dead season 6 theories” into google is a great starting place. Alternatively, heading to some of the Walking Dead fan sites such as The Spoiling Dead Fans and The Walking Dead Enthusiasts are great places to start. But, be warned, fans can get heated in their debates and all theories are exactly that – theories.

What do you like to do while you wait for the mid season finale of The Walking Dead? Let us know by commenting below!

Episode 8, “Start To Finish,” of The Walking Dead’s sixth season premieres this Sunday on AMC.

[Image credit: AMC]