Adele’s ’25’ Gives Her Fame Fright, Makes Her Too Tired For 2016 Tour?

Loyal Adele fans are delighted to see her everywhere over Thanksgiving week thanks to her release of 25 — but will all the attention mean that she will be too exhausted by the end of it all to tour?

Could it be that, despite writing an album that is flying off of the charts, Adele is actually afraid of fame and too “overwhelmed” to tour for 25 in 2016?

Interestingly, Adele claims she was tired before 25 was even released. According to CBC, Adele claimed that making 25 was one of the “hardest” processes she’s ever been through.

Entertainment Weekly detailed every day since Adele released 25, and it appears that her schedule would leave anyone exhausted. Despite this, the BBC announced on November 27 that Adele will be touring in 2016. Adding to this, the Mirror recently re-highlighted from previous interviews that Adele can find herself saying that she is “afraid of fame” — but she is not alone.

Adele is one of the many celebrities in the world that find some of the aspects of fame to be confrontational and scary. Adele having problems with fame should be no surprise to One Direction fans because that is the reason that Zayn Malik allegedly quit the band in March.

Fans definitely want Adele to go on tour for 25, but will she do it if she is feeling overwhelmed? The Daily Mail also reports that Adele posted on Instagram stating that she was feeling “overwhelmed” since her album release of 25.

Sadly, Bustle states that this overwhelming feeling should alarm fans — especially since Adele has a history of not touring. They also state that “[Adele] only performed 31 times between 2008 and 2011.”

Sadly, Adele is notorious for not touring. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

According to the Guardian, part of Adele’s feelings of being exhausted may be attitude. For instance, in an opinion piece about the lyrics of 25, writer Gaby Hinsliff assures Adele that she should not be saying “I’m so mad I’m getting old” at the age of 27.

Nevertheless, it appears that part of the problem might be that sometimes Adele does not feel like fame suits her. For instance, Adele was a focus of a Yahoo article that said the life of Amy Winehouse (and her fatal outcome) made Adele “fear fame.”

In an interview with NPR, however, Adele points out that fame is overwhelming, but her relationship with her son keeps her grounded. Adele may also have more support to keep her nerves at rest due to a recent hire of a new bodyguard, according to USA Today.

Truthfully, Adele may need the support of a new bodyguard because her fans are a little odd. For instance, the Mirror points out that Adele fans reacted incomprehensibly to her “Hello” video on Twitter.

Regardless, Adele has a lot of respect for many of her fans and often speaks directly about them. For instance, Adele recently stated that her weight makes her relatable to fans, according to a Rolling Stone interview.

Just how well is Adele doing with 25? The Wall Street Journal points out that, in the past, the only way that fans could access a band was with an actual music purchase. For this reason, compared to NSYNC’s previous record in 2000, Adele did the unimaginable and got people to buy music in an age where people don’t really buy music anymore.

Will Adele finally tour in America? (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Daily Beast reported on November 27 that Adele’s 25 “proved America’s crankiest critic wrong” and highlighted four years of Adele criticism from a blogger. In the end, it was pointed out that this blogger slowly grew to love Adele — and eventually succumbed to the fact that she has sold millions of copies of 25 in the first week.

Forbes claims around November 27 that Adele’s 25 will continue to break records in the coming weeks along with all the other heavy hitters she has knocked out of the park.

Consequence of Sound highlights some of the strange records that Adele has been breaking with 25 and stated that more people are searching Google for her lyrics than her album download.

In other words, whether she is exhausted or terrified of fame, fans are in love with Adele’s 25 and cannot wait to see her on tour. For fans looking for a chance to see Adele live, Billboard has published part of her 2016 concert schedule.

[Picture by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]