What Happened To Peggy McGuire? Oklahoma Woman Missing For More Than A Week

Authorities in Oklahoma are looking for Peggy McGuire. The 29-year-old Eufaula woman was last seen dropping her son off at school, which he attended in the town of Canadian. Beyond that point she has seemingly vanished without a trace, and authorities are reportedly having a hard time finding evidence behind what may have happened to her. The Muskogee Phoenix reports that the woman’s birthday passed on Friday — the day after Thanksgiving — and her disappearance has only made this holiday season a tough one for her loved ones.

The brother of the missing Oklahoma woman told reporters that the family is still searching for her. He also expressed concern about her disappearance.

“She usually had her son with her — doesn’t matter if she was raking or baling hay. She had him on the tractor with her. [She is] a very loving mother. She wouldn’t just up and leave her kid.”

McGuire’s truck was found abandoned at T&J’s Ice House the day after she was last seen. She was reported missing to authorities two days later, which only adds a 48-hour window of time in which she was missing with no help from authorities. T&J’s Ice House happens to be a “dive bar” in Eufaula, Oklahoma, where the missing woman resides. KRMG News reports that an unidentified man was seen dropping the vehicle off in the bar’s parking lot. At this time authorities haven’t found evidence behind what happened to her, but they are still processing items, including her truck. At this point in the search for the missing woman, authorities are hopeful that they can find evidence from cellphone records.

Social media is taking interest in this case, as with numerous others, and people are curious about who the unidentified man could be — and why he was walking away from her vehicle in the parking lot of the bar where it was found. Popular message boards are also active with discussion about the woman’s disappearance.

Her loved ones have created a group on Facebook, which is dedicated to the search for the missing woman. Bring Peggy Home currently has more than 3,600 members — all of which taking interest in getting the word out about her disappearance. Many of the people are compassionate strangers who want to see this missing woman found safely. Other members of the group are folks who are related to her, or know her in some other capacity. At any rate, the social media push in her disappearance is attracting attention.

Peggy McGuire; Public Facebook profile photo.

The missing woman’s personal Facebook page seems to indicate that her brother knew what he was talking about when he said she always had her child with her. Her public photos depict the image of a loving and doting mother. She’s also listed as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on her profile. It should be noted that no reports online have shared any sentiment from any coworkers regarding her disappearance.

The state of Oklahoma is home to more than 100 unsolved cases involving missing women. In fact it appears that numerous cases come up almost every year that remain unsolved. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System shares that at least four women aside from Peggy McGuire have gone missing in 2015 alone. In 2014, the same amount of women went missing that have yet to be found. This pattern appears to repeat itself, with 2012 seeing at least six unsolved disappearances of women. At least five women went missing in Oklahoma in 2011, that have yet to be found.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Peggy McGuire, please do not hesitate to contact authorities in the town of Eufaula, Oklahoma. Any information could prove useful in the search for evidence behind what happened to this missing woman.

[Photo via public Facebook profile]