Harry Styles May Act In ‘Scream Queens’ But Not ‘Absolutely Fabulous’?

Harry Styles has been in Hollywood a lot over Thanksgiving week, but does it mean he’s finally going to start being an actor?

When it comes to Harry Styles and One Direction taking a break in 2016, fans have let him know that they are interested in him taking up acting. For example, the Mirror reported around August 24 that Harry Styles insiders claim that he is going into acting and they cite his purchase of a Hollywood mansion earlier in 2015 as proof.

Regardless, some dispute that Harry Styles will take up acting at all. For instance, M Magazine stated that Harry Styles was finally talking about acting rumors — and passing on them. On November 10, it is pointed out that when Harry Styles was asked about acting in a recent interview, he said the following.

“I’m not so sure about that. I like to keep busy and I like to see my mates. I’m really happy. I’ve always had great people around me. I keep wondering whether I should actually watch those great shows that everyone else talks about and I’ve missed, like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Or should I just move on?!”

However, Harry Styles acting rumors seem to have a life of their own, and they do not always turn out as fans expect.

As far as going Hollywood, Harry Styles has definitely been spending enough time there to start blending in with movie sets. In particular, in addition to hanging out with One Direction to do a promotional tour for Made In The A.M., Harry Styles has been cruising the town with his old pal Lou Teasdale in Hollywood, according to the Daily Mail.

Whether or not Harry Styles will eventually take up acting, his fans certainly go deep with any rumors they find. For instance, when it was announced that there were rumors on the horizon about Harry Styles possibly acting in a movie based on the British TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous, fans felt sure that they would eventually get to see Harry Styles on the silver screen.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of follow-up rumors that misled fans about Harry Styles and the Absolutely Fabulous movie. In particular, it was noted that Harry Styles may be playing the lover of actress Joanna Ludlow (who plays Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous).

Sadly, it appears that this is simply not the case, and Harry Styles himself said that he had no intention of playing in the movie Absolutely Fabulous in any way. ET Online stated on November 18 that, in an exclusive interview with Harry Styles, he directly negated that he would be in the movie Absolutely Fabulous and stated the following.

“I don’t know anything about it, no. If I am, I haven’t got the script!”

Now, there are new rumors about Harry Styles and acting, but no official confirmation. In this case, Harry Styles is allegedly going to be part of the second season of the television show Scream Queens. According to Vine Report, Ryan Murphy of Scream Queens gave a few clues about season 2 at a Q&A at NYC’s Fan Fright Fest.

Although he did not state Harry Styles’ name directly, Vine Report concluded that it must be Harry Styles that Murphy was hinting about. Their evidence is that Ryan Murphy said that the new mystery character would be “Singer. Big pop star. I can’t give it away, they’d kill me. A male.”

In the meantime, Harry Styles may spend time in the immediate future fending off celebrity crushes. Along with getting special notoriety from Amber Rose, Harry Styles may also have the adoration of Chris Martin.

KDrama Starz says Amber Rose participated as a host for Fashion Police for the AMA’s red carpet — and had savory things to say about Harry Styles. In particular, she blurted out “I drew a water bottle because he gets me so wet. Super hot, love him.”

As for puppy dog eyes from Chris Martin, the Coldplay band member was quoted by the Metro gushing about Harry Styles — despite admitting that he was heterosexual. Chris Martin recently broke up with Jennifer Lawrence, but feels that Harry Styles is so attractive that he would consider romance.

[Picture by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]