Watch Ohio State Vs. Michigan Football Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video For Saturday’s Matchup

Fans can watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan college football game live online and see if one of the teams can take a major step toward the Big Ten championship game.

The longtime rivals will meet with a possible ticket to the title game, though they will need some help from Penn State later in the day if the winner wants a chance at the championship. The Nittany Lions will need to defeat the Spartans to give either Ohio State or Michigan an opportunity to play.

But the title game aside, there will still be a lot on the line when the rivals meet at Michigan Stadium on Saturday at 12 p.m. Fans will be able to watch the action on ABC and it will also be available to watch live online (link to streaming video below).

Though the coaching matchup has gained attention throughout the week, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh said he isn’t looking too much into what could be a budding rivalry between he and Urban Meyer. This will be the first meeting of the two.

“I always say my reaction to the coach-versus-coach buildup is he’s not going to be blocking anybody, he’s not going to be tackling anybody, I’m going to be over there standing on the sidelines blocking and tackling nobody,” Harbaugh said, via ESPN.

While Meyer and Harbaugh may not be making much of the rivalry, others are doing it for them. Ohio Governor John Kasich issued a proclamation urging his state’s residents to avoid use of the word “M” on Saturday. He also implored them to not wear khakis, the favorite fashion choice of Harbaugh.

Ohio State has had success in Ann Arbor in recent years, winning five of their last seven visits. But to win Saturday’s contest they will have to overcome a poor showing against Michigan State, in which they had just five first downs and 132 yards of total offense.

The game kicked up some controversy as running back Ezekiel Elliott spoke out against the coaching, saying he wasn’t utilized properly.

“I think I do deserve more than 11 carries,” he said, via “I think I really do. I can’t speak for the play-calling, I don’t know what was going on or what they were seeing, but honestly, it didn’t work out. It wasn’t working.”

Meyer took credit for the offensive woes, saying the “finger will be pointed right here.” He also said the matter is in the past as the team puts its focus on beating Michigan.

“It’s sealed, as far as our team and the team room is concerned in the locker room,” Meyer said. “That kid you’re talking about, he’s one of my favorite of all times. He’s good to go. And we’re going to do our best to get ready to play this week.”

Those who watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game live online will see a Wolverines team that comes in with a bit more momentum. The Wolverines stifled the Nittany Lions offense to 207 yards last week.

Saturday’s matchup will be a bit anti-climactic, Bleacher Report noted, as the winner will have to wait another three hours to find out if they’ll be playing for the Big Ten title.

“Regardless of the conference and Playoff implications potentially at stake, this is the first meeting between Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh. Ohio State will be fired up after its loss to Michigan State last week and Michigan will be equally energized because well, the Wolverines are coached by Harbaugh and this is his favorite game of all time.”

Fans who want to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game live online can click here for streaming video.

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