Ratings-Challenged Trevor Noah Gets Ripped To Pieces By Liberal News Outlet

Trevor Noah has experienced a rough time since starting his hosting gig at The Daily Show. Everybody knew he would be ripped apart by the right wing media — that was a given. However, the left wing has ripped him apart as well. Salon now has become the latest left-wing site to declare that, perhaps, Trevor Noah just isn’t funny.

“Yeah, the new ‘Daily Show’ is so deadly that I have to do what I can to punch up the jokes. I’m not the only one who senses that something is lacking. Since Noah’s takeover, ‘The Daily Show’s’ ratings have fallen like a drunk heckler slipping on watermelon guts at a Gallagher show. Nielsen stats show a 37 percent drop overall.”

Trevor Noah Daily Show

“I find Trevor Noah to be an amazingly gifted and intelligent comedian (just do a search for his performances on YouTube; the man speaks four or five languages fluently). Each person who occupies the chair of a much beloved personality will bring their own perspective and talents to it; TN is not a Jon Stewart clone, nor should he be expected to be,” says commenter MS.

“This is just click-bait-hate. For shame. He’s obviously funny. Is he Jon Stewart funny? No. But neither was Jon Stewart at first and Sarah Burris cited some of his more genius ideas near the latter years of his career,” says 16Fire.

Speaking of Noah, the Washington Times has quoted Noah about his familiarity with racism.

“I’ve always said America feels like a second home to me because the racism is familiar out here, which is really wonderful. Because I understand it. It is very simple.”

Trevor Noah Daily Show

Trevor Noah understands that not everybody is going to like him. He recently gave an interview to the Independent about this topic.

“I can never be in control of how much people appreciate me. The only things I can control is how hard I work, how honest I am and how much I put myself out there.”

Perhaps people need to just give Trevor Noah more of a chance and judge him on his own merits instead of how he compares to Jon Stewart. As plenty of people have pointed out, it took Stewart some time to find his footing on the Daily Show. Do you think Trevor Noah will eventually succeed? Let us know in the comments section.

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