‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Digs For Answers, Lulu Busts Dante, And Hayden Uncovers New Information

Viewers should brace themselves for a lot of drama ahead during the week of November 30 on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there are heated face-offs coming, along with difficult decisions and intriguing encounters. Just what is coming up in these next few episodes?

As She Knows Soaps teases, Sam will be trying to figure out just what it is that Jake knows about Jason. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will arrange for a play date between Jake and Danny, and during Tuesday’s show she will have a confrontation with Laura. As fans know, Laura knows that Elizabeth has known about Jason for months, but will she admit this to Sam? She surely won’t, but Sam may pick up some key information during this chat regardless.


Patrick and Jason had a tense moment together during the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is another one on the way. After being a bit withdrawn from Sam as Jason’s identity was revealed, is Patrick going to dig in and fight for his relationship with Sam now? Big changes are on the way soon for Patrick, and fans are curious to see how this all plays out.

General Hospital spoilers also share that things will get heated for Paul and Ava once again while Elizabeth and Carly do battle over Jason. Liz has been in full-time scramble mode to hold onto Jason, but in the past Carly has had a lot of sway over Jason. Liz has never been much of a match for Carly, but the dynamics given Jason’s memory loss are different now and this will be an interesting battle to watch.

Jason is sticking with Liz for now, though Elizabeth continues to worry about losing him. In addition, Hayden is getting closer and closer to the truth about her shooting and she learns something more in this coming week. Will Hayden eventually be the one to blow this remaining secret up sky high?

The last that viewers saw of Lulu and Dante, she had been convinced by Laura to work on her marriage while he had fallen into bed once again with Valerie. General Hospital spoilers share that during Monday’s show, Dante and Valerie will bask in the aftermath of their evening together. However, Lulu is on her way over to the loft. There will be a heated encounter between Lulu and Dante and this may well spell the end of this marriage for good.

Maxie and Nina will continue to work together at Crimson while Tracy is said to consider the ramifications of Jason’s return. Dillon has said he was planning to head back to Los Angeles, but General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie will present him with an offer. Will she try to get him to stick around Port Charles?

'General Hospital' star Teresa Castillo [Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images]Sabrina is still struggling with the truth about her baby and Carlos’ return, while Anna is said to come across some key information this coming week. Paul has to deal with an unwanted visitor, seemingly Carlos, and General Hospital spoilers note that he will be aiming to straighten some things out. Teasers indicate there is an interesting meeting between Sonny and Paul coming up this week and this should be one interesting conversation.

GH Spy teases that there are some challenging moments ahead between Julian and Franco in this coming week while Anna leans on Mac for support. Just what will Hayden uncover about the shooting? How close will Sam get to learning the truth about Elizabeth and what she knew about Jason? It is shaping up to be a wild week of episodes and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action ahead on General Hospital.

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