‘Fallout 4’ Vault Dwellers Suffer Blurred Vision, So Hoard Your Saved Games

Glitches continue with the Fallout 4 game, and considering there’s a patch coming from Bethesda, a lot of these issues will likely be cleared up. Some glitches can be quite aggravating while others offer an opportunity to exploit the game. According to Polygon, there now seems to be an issue with permanent blurred vision with no cure, and doesn’t even go away after medical treatment from Dr. Sun in Diamond City. The cause of all this is when you suffer a critical hit to the head. One might be reminiscent of a time when your mother told you if you keep crossing your eyes, they’ll stay crossed permanently. It seems Fallout is the mother, figuratively, in this RPG game.

This could ruin hours of Fallout 4 game play if you’ve not backed up your previous save points and if you’re a hoarder of items like many others, it’d also behoove you to keep your save spots throughout. Attempts to snap out of this bug were already made and a player on GameFaqs attempted to recall what he did as he took on a camp of Raiders.

“The bug started while I was fighting through a raider camp in the drained excavation semi-near the starting area of the game. I can’t say exactly when it started, but there were a few things I definitely did before I noticed it.

“I took chems (Stims, Med-X, Buffout). I took a lot of damage (can’t remember if I was crippled or not). I ate cooked Mirelurk meat.”

Fallout 4 Video Game Glitch [Photo by Jason Merrit/Getty Images Entertainment]

So, in Fallout 4, it could be thought that with the amount of damage that was dealt, one of hits could have been a critical head shot. Attempts to shake it off the with certain methods like restarting/reloading, fast traveling, entering and exiting areas were made. That and then some, none of it worked. Steam users, according to Tech Times, made attempts at changing hardware video settings, like adjusting screen resolution. None of it worked to their avail. Typically, this blurred vision is cured after Stimpack usage post-injury, but in this case, not at all. Even a visit to Dr. Sun, according to Polygon didn’t help.

The Fallout 4 player who reported this also discovered another bug. Dr. Sun couldn’t cure radiation either.

“I can heal myself with RadAway and remove all rads; returning to Dr. Sun then shows I am radiation free and he has nothing to offer me. Then, as a test, I went back to the waste pile at Jalbert Brothers’ salvage yard, filled up my radiation sickness bar to half health, returned to Dr. Sun and he still couldn’t cure me.”

This isn’t the only major game glitch. There was previously reported at Latin Post a bug where an entire game crashes with a quest. And keep in mind, this is happening in all platforms: console and PC. Right now there is a patch currently in beta for the PC.

Also, Tech Times reported that this Fallout 4 glitch is likely to occur if a player cheats in the game. For instance, if a player uses an immortality cheat to avoid death that is caused by a very powerful attack, this blurred vision glitch is likely to occur. Sounds more like karma or one might be reminded of the movie Final Destination where there’s some kind of backlash when this happens. Though this isn’t the developer’s fault, but a player isn’t supposed to be immortal if a death blow occurs. That being said, one could theorize that it’s being thrown out of whack. Confusing the game, perhaps?

Fallout 4 Blurry Vision [Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Bethesda]The post-apocalyptic RPG released earlier this month and there had been a ton of glitches reported, some of which were rather amusing more so than aggravating in the game, but hopefully the aforementioned bugs that are rather problematic will be cured in future Fallout 4 game patch releases.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment]