Adam Lambert: ‘King Of Queen’ Branded ‘Filthy’ By Singaporeans

Less than 12 months ago, Adam Lambert was being widely praised after an incredible performance as part of London’s New Year celebration. As reported by the Inquisitr at the time, Lambert was trending worldwide after turning in a stunning performance with Queen as part of “Big Ben Live” celebration. Lambert was sensational during a performance that was screened live across the U.K. television networks.

Shortly after that appearance, Lambert and Queen headed off on a European tour that won rave reviews wherever they played. Lambert was taken to heart by Queen fans across the world, and Adam was praised for not trying to emulate Freddie Mercury. While Lambert has an incredible voice and shares a certain flamboyance with Mercury, Adam is no Freddie Mercury tribute act. Lambert is firmly his own man, and Queen fans love him for that.

Since that tour concluded Lambert has released his third solo studio album The Original High and has headlined “Rock In Rio” with Queen. It looks like 2016 is set to be another exciting year for Lambert, as another tour with Queen is being put together. Pollstar recently reported that Adam and Queen will headline the iconic Isle of Wight festival in June, and Brian May has previously admitted that he would love to headline Glastonbury with Lambert.

Before that, Adam has the small matter of a major world tour of his own to deal with. Lambert’s tour is due to kick off on New Years Eve in Singapore. One would expect that the people of Singapore would be thrilled to have a major world star artist like Lambert helping them to celebrate the new year. It seems that not everyone agrees.


The Telegraph reports that some Singaporeans have started a petition demanding that Lambert’s concert be cancelled. Lambert is due to headline Singapore’s “Countdown to 2016,” one of the biggest media events of the year in Singapore. To date, over 16,000 people have signed the petition claiming that “Adam Lambert is a performer fraught with controversy even in [the U.S.].

BBC News reports that those responsible for the petition are calling on the government to drop Lambert “on account of his support for gay rights and reputation for risque performances, which it called ‘contrary to mainstream Singaporean values’.”

Although homosexuality is not in itself illegal in Singapore, homosexual acts are, and the petitioners slam Lambert’s outspoken support for gay rights and his “active promotion of a highly sexualized lifestyle and LGBT rights.”

The petition also highlights previous performances in which Lambert “engaged in sexualised acts, including kissing a male band member on stage” and that one of his music videos featured “female showgirls and male strippers performing acts of indecency.”

The petition has attracted over 6,300 comments, many of which attack Lambert. Lim Tow Soon slams Lambert and calls on citizens to “take action against the LGBT with their perverse culture and degenerate lifestyle.” Many posts on the thread simply say “no gays,” a clear attack on Lambert, who is openly gay.

A comment by Sally Chen simply reads, “[D]o not open our doors to gay performers.”

The Telegraph reports that Loo Yuen Wah commented, “[T]his is absolute atrocity! Our beloved nation must not be contaminated by such filth!”

Thankfully, not everyone in Singapore is so prejudiced against Lambert or against people on the grounds of their sexuality. A counter-petition calling on the government in Singapore to allow Lambert to perform has now attracted more signatures than the original.

The petitioners slammed those who display discrimination on the grounds of Adam Lambert’s sexual orientation.

“Please allow Adam Lambert to perform in Countdown 2016 to demonstrate to the whole world that Singapore is a country that shuns discrimination and promotes diverse inclusive points of view.”

According to Asia One, Adam Lambert has responded by way of a statement released through his record company. Adam says that he has a spectacular show planned. Lambert says that the show “will celebrate the entire human family in all its diversity. I am a uniter, not a divider, and I believe in celebrating the human heart and spirit.”

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP]