Polls Show Donald Trump’s Lead In GOP Race Remains Strong

In the beginning of the race to become the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s official announcement that he was making a bid on the GOP ticket was widely met with ridicule. As the ensuing months sped by, however, Donald Trump has proven that his intent to become the President of the United States is very serious, indeed. Perhaps, even more surprising is the outpouring of support Donald Trump’s views have engendered in the American public.

Despite media backlash over the heated comments Trump has made on several subjects, including border control, Muslims, and illegal Mexican immigrants, to name a few, his supporters seem to grow in number rather than dwindle. Most recently, Donald Trump was on the hot seat over controversial claims he made regarding seeing Muslim Americans celebrating during the World Trade Center attacks in September of 2001. The Inquisitr reported that The Donald has been raked over the coals for allegedly mocking the author of an article written on the subject the week following the 9/11 attacks, who happens to have a physical disability. Donald Trump adamantly denies making fun of the author’s disability.

It seems with each of Donald Trump’s controversial remarks, the remainder of the presidential candidates, as well as Trump’s non-supporters, wait with bated breath for the downfall of the real estate mogul turned politician. Unfortunately for them, the opposite has been true. Apparently, the majority of Americans agree with the no-nonsense, politically incorrect views that The Donald employs. Also, Trump’s track record in real estate lends credence to his claims that he knows how to manage money and create jobs, which he has promised to do for the country as he has for his companies.

Politico reports that their most recent poll, conducted this week, analyzed seven months of information and came to the conclusion that Donald Trump is still firmly in the lead. Out of four states (Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire), the poll shows that Donald is substantially in the lead for each state except Iowa, where Senator Cruz has a slight lead on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Campaign 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Iowa. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
One Republican from South Carolina shared the following opinion.

“For the first time, I think the Trump phenomenon is becoming real. I do not think the media or the party establishment have a real grasp on how deep the anger and frustration is around the country. After what have been ‘missteps’ by Trump in comparison of previous elections, he seems to have only strengthened. I still do not know if he can sustain it into the New Year — but after the Paris attacks, his stance on illegal immigration and unverified people coming into our nation has real impact.”

Donald Trump himself took to Twitter to post recent poll results, as well.

The Huffington Post keeps track of the poll trends, adding updates when new polls are released. They follow 223 polls from 33 pollsters. The latest results, updated just two days ago on November 25, show Donald Trump leading at 35.1 percent, a huge lead over the other GOP candidates. Next in line? Ben Carson at just 13.9 percent.

It seems safe to say that Donald Trump is in the race for the long run. No longer is The Donald being blown off as a candidate who could not possibly win, but one who very well may be leading this country next year.

[Photo by Eric Schultz/Associated Press]