Watch: Syrian Terrorist Blown Up By Mortar Shell Filming Propaganda Video [Warning: Graphic Images]

The Syrian civil war is being fought as much on video as on the ground, it seems. In one especially shocking video circulating this month, a terrorist field commander is seen meeting his fate in the middle of a live, on-camera propaganda interview, courtesy of a direct hit from a mortar shell.

The stunning and disturbing video that shows in graphic terms the reality of the bloody Syrian conflict first hand — a conflict in which more than 200,000 have died over four-and-a-half years of fighting — was reportedly filmed on November 6 or 7. How the video was first released or by whom remains unclear, but the video appeared November 7 on the LiveLeak video site and has since been reposted numerous times on YouTube and in other formats.

The video can be viewed on this page, above. But viewers should be warned, the video could be highly disturbing to many viewers.

The interview subject remains unidentified, but he is described in numerous media outlets as a field commander for the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic extremist terror organization known as al-Nusra. The video was shot in the disputed Tall Sukayk region of Hama Province, a region in northwest Syria.

Reportedly, the al-Nusra commander is heard to say “This area is under control” in what turns out to be the final words he speaks in his life, demonstrating in violent fashion that the area was not as completely under al-Nusra control as he perhaps believed — or wanted viewers of his interview to believe.

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The interview was being conducted by a Syrian reporter named Ahmed Abu Hamza, who was also killed by the mortar blast. Abu Hamza has been alternately described as a “Syrian media activist” and an “agitpropper” working on behalf al-Nusra and possibly other extremist groups in Syria.

A report Friday in Britain’s Express newspaper mistakenly identified the terrorist field commander as a member of ISIS. In fact, al-Nusra is a sworn enemy of ISIS, though the terror groups oppose the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

But Assad had his revenge on at least this one al-Nusra commander. The mortar shell that strikes the jihadi extremist was fired by the Syrian Arab Army, the government military loyal to Assad. Al-Nusra, also known as al-Nusra Front or the Front for the Defense of the Syrian People, announced its formation in January of 2014, taking credit for numerous suicide bombings inside of Syria.

“We are Syrian mujahideen, back from various jihad fronts to restore God’s rule on the Earth and avenge the Syrians’ violated honor and spilled blood,” the group declared in a video introducing itself to the world. “Jabhat al-Nusra has taken upon itself to be the Muslim nation’s weapon in this land.”

But the United States quickly labeled al-Nusra as a terrorist group, and in April of this year, the organization declared that it had sworn allegiance to the terror group al-Qaeda — best known as the terrorist organization behind the 9/11 attacks in the United States 14 years ago — which advocates creation of an Islamic state in Syria. Earlier this week, al-Nusra Front released a video depicting the mass execution of what it said were members of Assad’s Syrian Arab Army.

And despite the fact that al-Nusra has battled against ISIS and competes with the better-known terrorist group for overseas recruits, al-Nusra ranks second to ISIS in recruiting of foreign Muslims to fight in Syria — Russia claimed in October that it had intelligence reports indicating that the two groups were negotiating a possible merger.

Al-Nusra has also been responsible for numerous hostage-takings in Syria, with their kidnapping victims including at least one western journalist and a group of Greek Orthodox nuns.

No further details about the Syrian al-Nusra terrorist apparently killed in the above video were available.

[Image via LiveLeak Video Screen Capture]