Scheana Marie Spends Thanksgiving With Husband Mike Shay Amid ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Drama

Scheana Marie and her husband, Mike Shay, are going through tough times on the currently-on-air fourth season of Vanderpump Rules. Although the first three seasons featured nothing but good moments between the pair, including their engagement and July 2014 wedding, Season 4 has seen the couple facing hardships due to Shay’s use of Vicodin and alcohol.

During recent episodes of the Bravo reality show, Scheana Marie has opened up to a few of her co-stars about Shay’s issues, and even took part in an intervention with Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz on last Monday’s episode.

On November 26, Scheana Marie opened up about her current relationship with her husband on Instagram, and explained certain things that have been seen on Vanderpump Rules.

“Happy Thanksgiving! I just want to say today how thankful I am for my amazing husband [Mike Shay] and everything he’s been thru and accomplished,” Scheana Marie wrote. “It’s been a long road and it’s not over yet. I appreciate all of your support you’ve given us but also some things have been misinterpreted.”

Two weeks ago, Scheana Marie spoke to her boss and friend at SUR Lounge, Lisa Vanderpump, and during their chat, she revealed her husband was mixing up to five Vicodin pills with alcohol. Scheana Marie also revealed to Katie Maloney that her husband had left home, and stayed away from her for a number of days.

As the season continued, Scheana Marie saw backlash online after she was seen saying she didn’t feel she could be with someone who was completely sober because it didn’t fit her lifestyle. However, according to Scheana Marie’s Instagram post, her comment was taken completely out of context.

“I NEVER EVER EVER said I ‘couldn’t be with SHAY if he chose to be 100% sober’ or meant it to come off that way AT ALL!” Scheana Marie explained. “I was telling a story in an interview about a time I went on a first date with someone fresh out of rehab when I was 22 and super in the club scene I was like ‘ya I could never be w someone completely sober bc that doesn’t fit w my lifestyle and friend group’ WHEN I WAS 22!!! Not in any way speaking about Shay currently. I would never even for a second consider leaving him if he chose to be completely sober. I would support him all the way and go sober myself! We are married!!”

Scheana Marie went on to say that her husband was a “grown man,” whom she loved and supported very much. She also said that if he still wanted to drink, she would remain supportive. In fact, Scheana Marie claimed to suggest he “cut back.”

“That’s what I meant by ‘get a buzz, don’t get drunk.’ I am not his boss. I would never encourage something that was bad for him, same as I cannot make decisions for him, but I will help him with whatever he needs,” Scheana Marie concluded.

In addition to Scheana Marie’s marital troubles, her on-again, off-again friend Kristen Doute is also experiencing relationship drama. Throughout the first few episodes, Doute and Kennedy have been at odds, and by the end of the season, fans will watch as they call it quits while Kennedy moves on with the new SUR Lounge hostess, Lala Kent.

For more of Scheana Marie and Mike Shay, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 4 every Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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