Was ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Playing A Hoax? Video Claims Muslim Boy Conned Everybody

A possible “clock boy” hoax may have been unearthed. A new video from YouTube channel CultofDusty has broken down why Ahmed Mohamed might not have invented anything and, in fact, may have conned the United States.

It all started when young Muslim boy Mohamed had taken a small briefcase with him to school in Texas. He had allegedly brought it to impress the teachers with his homemade clock, but they allegedly laid a level of stereotype on him and thought it was a bomb and Ahmed a terrorist.

The stereotype about Muslim terrorists was mostly fueled by the actions of al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001, when Muslim extremists crashed a pair of 747 passenger jets into the World Trade Center. The stereotype has since evolved with the emergence of ISIS, another Muslim extremist group. The stereotype is massively untrue, though, as the Inquisitr previously reported. After the Paris attacks this past month, a myriad of Muslims on Twitter posted an excerpt from the Quran and personal statements that their religion doesn’t make them terrorists.

The alleged “clock boy” hoax has roots in the same misconception. Ahmed Mohamed was allegedly labeled a terrorist because he brought what authorities at the City of Irving’s MacArthur High School thought to be a bomb. He had been suspended and had the Police called on him before the truth was revealed that it was just a clock, and he’d even met with President Barack Obama in a series of reparations.

Sadly, now Ahmed has attorneys suing the city for his wrongful detention and defamation, as previously reported by the Inquisitr and is demanding not just an apology, but $15 million.

Where the “clock boy” hoax allegedly comes in is the idea that, as the video above explains, Ahmed hadn’t invented anything. He’d simply bought a small briefcase, taken the guts out of a clock, and put them in the case, according to the video. Mohamed has been known as an extremely smart boy and had gotten in trouble with the school before for previous pranks. This one just happened to gain nationwide media attention because, as the video explains, Ahmed had used the stereotype he knew existed and manipulated the school and the media.

The “clock boy,” whose alleged hoax may have come to light, also had a sister who had been known for making bomb threats. In an interview, Ahmed was supposedly heard alongside his sister in the background. The video claims that his sister had been telling him what to say about how he’d “built” the clock.

With an impending lawsuit against the City of Irving, it was also revealed that the school had dealt with the alleged threat completely wrong. They called the police and had him questioned without his parents having even been notified, which is illegal in Texas. He had also been suspended for possession of “prohibited items,” and he’d had none.

The video also agrees with British scientist Richard Dawkins, who claimed the “clock boy” story to be a hoax as well on Twitter. According to CNN, Dawkins has since slammed those who took offense over his comparison of a 14-year-old boy with a clock and an ISIS killer.

“[I am horrified] anyone thinks I could [possibly] liken Ahmed to a killer. My [only] point of comparison was their [ages]: kids [are] not immune to criticism.”

While the points laid out in CultofDusty’s video calling out the “clock boy” hoax seem to make sense, it is unknown how much verified information was pieced together from unrelated sources just to make a point.

What do you think? Is the video correct or just adding further insult to a wrongfully arrested Muslim teenager?

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]