Lessons Learned From ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead has seen Rick and the gang through six years of the zombie apocalypse. Through that time, these people have changed, grown, and become different from the pre-apocalypse days of being a sheriff’s deputy, a housewife, and a pizza delivery guy. There are some life lessons that those in The Walking Dead have learned that aren’t only applicable to the zombie apocalypse – they can be used in real life too!

MoviePilot has presented five life lessons everyone can learn from The Walking Dead. The first of these is to be brave no matter what obstacles are in the way, what the risks are, or what choices need to be made. Anyone can get past zombies, nasty people, or anything else if they are brave.

As MoviePilot puts it, “don’t be a d**k.” In other words, the mean, bad guys, like the Governor or Shane, will die in the end. The flipside is the lesson teaching fans to be kind and selfless. Our favorite characters are the ones who help others and are there for the people who need them, but they still have enough sense to do what needs to be done when it needs doing (just think of Carol’s decision to shoot Lizzie).

Maybe one of the most important life lessons learned from The Walking Dead is that everyone needs people in order to survive. No one can go it alone, no matter what, and it’s important to keep loved ones close. The final lesson MoviePilot gives is that love and hope are more important than anything else. These are the things that keep people going through life, no matter what is going on around them.

When it comes to post-apocalyptic parenting, fans have had a wide range of role models in The Walking Dead. Carol was the doting mother. Hershel was a wise and loving father. Rick has been entirely focused on protecting Carl and Judith. The Governor lost his daughter but tied her up and kept her with him after she changed. Now Glenn and Maggie are about to become parents – well, Maggie is, anyway – and Design & Trend has given the reasons they will make great parents.

Some of the reasons given include the good looks of the parents, which will make a good-looking child, Maggie already has experience helping with Judith; they are experts at surviving the zombie apocalypse, Hershel’s wisdom flows from Glenn, and they always find love in the most desperate situations.

Of course, we have yet to find out with certainty whether Glenn will have a chance to be a father or whether he is dead. Glenn’s death, if he is truly dead, is one of many that fans did not actually see take place on The Walking Dead. According to What Culture, some deaths fans didn’t get to witness include Jim from the Atlanta days, Tara’s sister Lilly, Lori, Mika, Sophia, Morales, and his family from Season 1, and perhaps Glenn. Some of these characters are known to be dead, despite the fact that their death was not witnessed, but there are some characters whose fate no one knows (except maybe the show’s writers).

As for Glenn, Deadline poses the question regarding who Daryl was talking to when he heard someone on the walkie-talkie at the end of last Sunday’s show? Was it Glenn by chance? Twitter erupted with the possibility.

@WalkingDead_AMC omg was that glenn

— Ameliaaa (@AmeliaBedelia_1) November 16, 2015

But according to Entertainment Weekly, Norma Reedus has confirmed it wasn’t Glenn.

“It’s not Glenn. But it’s probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that’s happening there.”

Way to squash fans’ hopes, Norman Reedus! Hopefully, The Walking Dead will reveal Glenn’s fate soon. Most fans agree that Glenn would make an awesome father!

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