Bob Saget Reacts To Mentor Bill Cosby’s Downfall, Insists ‘Despicable Acts’ Have Tarnished His Legacy

Like many celebrities, Bob Saget includes Bill Cosby as an early mentor who influenced his career, but in the wake of the Cosby sex scandal, things are quite different now. According to the Huffington Post, the former Full House star now believes Bill Cosby’s legacy is “forever tarnished” because of his alleged actions.

It has been reported that Bob Saget stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his role in the upcoming Broadway show Hand to God. However, the discussion took an interesting turn when Bill Cosby was mentioned. Saget and his co-star, Steven Boyer, both shared their reaction to the Cosby sex scandal.

Saget also shared how he feels about the 78-year-old comedian’s career going forward. He believes the Cosby legacy will be tarnished as a result of his actions, which he described as “despicable.”

“I think any human being that does things that are despicable to other human beings will be slightly tarnished by history. I went to Temple University and he was a mentor of mine, and I was on The Tonight Show [with Cosby] two weeks before Johnny Carson went off, and it’s very sad. I think the answer is obvious — that the man has been tarnished — and it’s just sad for all of the people involved.”

Boyer then chimed in with his sentiments about the Bill Cosby scandal. Like Bob Saget, he feels the allegations will leave a lasting blemish on his career and legacy.

“I loved Bill Cosby growing up. I mean, who didn’t? But now I’m finding it really, really hard to separate what he has done — it’s hard to separate that from his work for me,” Boyer said.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 23: Comedian Bob Saget attends the premiere of "The Big Short" at Ziegfeld Theatre on November 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Bob Saget concluded by acknowledging Bill Cosby’s accomplishments. However, he also feels there will always be a dark shadow over all that he has accomplished throughout his 54-year career.

“I had respect for Cosby because he changed stand-up comedy, and he was amazing on ‘I Spy’ years ago. So you do find out the people you look up to — unfortunately, they’re down off their throne when things like this happen,” Saget said.

Although Bill Cosby is considered innocent until proven guilty, many celebrities and fans, like Bob Saget, have already formulated their own opinions based on the staggering list of victims and the eerily similar allegations they all have stated.

Bob Saget’s statement follows a string of reports about the many women who claim to have been drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. As of October 2015, approximately 57 women have come forward with rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct allegations against Cosby, reports Vanity Fair. Some of the alleged incidents date back to the early 1960s. While some fans were shocked, others weren’t very surprised because Cosby has actually been at the center of sexual misconduct allegations since 2000.

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The media coverage about the previous allegations dissolved over time, but in the wake of the latest claims, it doesn’t look like Bill Cosby will be let off the hook. Many organizations have opted to sever ties with Cosby. Also, numerous honors, acknowledgments, and titles Bill Cosby has earned over the years have been revoked. Reruns of The Cosby Show has also been removed from syndication.

Do you agree or disagree with Bob Saget on Bill Cosby’s career? Share your thoughts.

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