Sesame Street Movie: 20th Century Fox Buys Rights To Popular Children’s Show

Fans of Follow That Bird have waited 25 years for a new feature and now 20th Century Fox has announced plans for a new Sesame Street movie.

Fox picked up the rights to the series and they have tapped Sesame Street writer Joe Mazzarino to pen the script. Producing the movie will be Shawn Levy, Michael Aguilar, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady.

Sesame Street started airing in 1969 and much like its starting days the PBS airing series still relies on a mix of live-action and puppetry along with various forms of animation.

The Jim Henson created show is one of the few series that can claim one in three Americans have watched at least one episode.

Sesame Street is now broadcast in dozens of countries and it has won 138 Emmy awards since it began airing.

We will likely see some big names attached to the new Sesame Street movie as Follow That Bird included appearances by John Candy, Chevy Chase and Dave Thomas.


The last big attempt at a move was 1999’s The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland which failed to make the same splash as Follow That Bird.

Sesame Workshop will likely take on some type of producer role to ensure the integrity of the movie.

At this time we still don’t know if the Sesame Street movie will focus on specific characters or offer a more generalized approach. One thing is almost for certain, Elmo will make a big appearance in the feature film since he’s pretty much always on the mind of young Sesame Street viewers.

In the meantime the team at New Regency are busily working on a new Fraggle’s Rock movie.