Chip And Joanna Gaines From ‘Fixer Upper’ Kick Off A New Season

Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting the third season of Fixer Upper, and it looks like Chip and Joanna Gaines have been quite busy during filming. Country Living shared that during their second season, Joanna had a vision for the silos and warehouse they purchased, and together the couple are about to make that vision a reality. This season, viewers will get a look at the renovation process behind Chip and Joanna’s biggest project so far.

Joanna and Chip have big plans for the rusty silos and warehouse located in Waco, Texas. They are working hard at converting the property into an area that will have multiple uses. The WacoTrib reported that Chip and Joanna Gaines received $208,376 in tax incentives from the Waco City Council, which will be a nice financial boost. Joanna and Chip are spending $1.4 million in order to overhaul the aging structures and to complete the renovations.

“We’re in full swing,” Chip Gaines told the WacoTrib in an email message. “We’re excited to move into our new offices and open the market this summer. The city has been very optimistic and helpful about the project, and HGTV plans to film the process.”

Magnolia Market is scheduled to be completed sometime in July. Part of the plan calls for a retail marketplace and an area for approximately 15 to 20 mobile food vendors and trucks. The facility will also serve as headquarters for the Magnolia Homes business. Apparently, viewers will get to watch the process of restoration throughout the new season.


According to Starcasm, viewers can expect to see several other new projects besides the renovation of the silos and warehouse. Joanna now has her own line of custom furniture, and there will most likely be a storyline that takes a look at how the design and development aspects came about. Fans will undoubtedly be eager to get a look at what new designs Joanna comes up with next. Joanna is undeniably a creative genius, and she seems to have a never-ending supply of new and impressive ideas.

This wildly popular series is about much more than just the renovation of the silos and warehouse, however. During each episode, Chip and Joanna show a family three homes that usually need a lot of work. Then they walk that family through what they envision for each home. Once a home is picked by the family, they are not allowed to see it until the home is completely remodeled. What Chip and Joanna can do with dilapidated and distressed homes is amazing, as they totally renovate them inside and out.

How did all of this come about? Before Chip and Joanna met, Chip flipped his first property while still in college at Baylor University. HGTV shared on their website that was all it took for the flipping bug to take hold.

“After that I was hooked,” Chip says. “I started buying and selling homes and commercial properties.”

After he and Joanna met and were married, they started flipping homes together.

“When I met Chip, he was renting and flipping properties left and right to college students,” Joanna says. “Once I caught on to the concept of buying something that is undervalued to then put value into it and sell it for a profit, I was hooked, too.”

Before hosting their own show on HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines continued to flip and remodel over 100 homes. As the owners of Magnolia Homes, Joanna and Chip combined their considerable talents, and the end result is a thriving business and successful television series.


Joanna and Chip try to make each project a family affair, often including their four adorable children whenever possible. Fans love to watch the playful and often hilarious interactions between Chip and Joanna as well. They obviously enjoy being together and look like they’re having a lot of fun as they help create for other families the home of their dreams.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, opinions, and thoughts below. The season premiere of Fixer Upper airs on Tuesday, December 1 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

[Image via HGTV’s Facebook, resized and cropped]