TNA News: TNA Wrestling Not Getting Paid To Run ‘Impact Wrestling’ On Their New Network Partner, Pop TV

TNA Wrestling announced recently that they were able to land another network to show Impact Wrestling. This was huge for them, as they ended losing two TV deals in a row in Spike TV and Destination America. The fact that both moved away from TNA made many assume that TNA would not be able to get a television deal at all. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be for much.

Despite this, TNA landed with Pop TV, the former TV Guide Channel. Of course, Pop had another pro-wrestling program, Paragon Pro Wrestling, working with them. As of now, it looks like they have moved off of the network. TNA chose to broadcast on Tuesdays at 8/7c. This is to avoid WWE SmackDown on Thursday, the usual day for TNA and WWE NXT on Wednesday, the secondary day TNA moved to. Nothing to do with wrestling happens on Tuesday, it seems, so TNA felt it would be perfect.

There is a lot of weirdness surrounding this deal, however. It seems that Pop TV got out well with the deal while TNA didn’t really get much at all. According to the Wrestling Observer, Pop TV is not paying to air TNA programming on their network. However, according to the Pro Wrestling Sheet, TNA is not paying to air their programming on Pop TV. This makes many of us wonder, “Where’s the money?”

Yes, Pop TV and TNA are now partnering up to hopefully help both networks. The assumption would be that both get a share of the advertising deals that the network runs during their show. Outside of this, there are not a lot of other areas money could be found.

Another interesting note is that the wrestlers of TNA were left in the dark about the deal. Few knew that TNA and Pop TV were in talks, and although TNA talent is happy the company has a television deal to work with — which is set to be a multi-year deal — there is still some doubts about the future of the company. The fact that there does not seem to be a lot of money going to TNA with this deal also makes many wonder, yet again, about how this deal will work out.

Pop TV came out well with this, as they get cheap content. That means it is quite doubtful they cut TNA programming like Spike TV and Destination America did, as they paid TNA to air on their network.

Some of the top TNA talent knew that TNA was in talks with Pop and WGN about a deal to air Impact Wrestling with them. The media reported similar, which is probably how they found out. However, even they didn’t know any specifics on the matter or where TNA would ultimately end up until the announcement was made public.

Despite what some might assume, the talent was cool with being left in the dark about the deal for the most part. Reason being, if there would have been an announcement made to people within the company, it easily would have been leaked to the media.

TNA will be airing its first show on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. They might be working without some of their top names, however. Kurt Angle recently announced his “retirement” from TNA on an episode of Impact Wrestling. Meanwhile, both Matt and Jeff Hardy will be done with their deals by February of 2016. WWE is interested in the Hardy brothers, but with Jeff out with an injury, it is uncertain when he will be good enough to be back in action. Some assume he could be good by April, while others say the summer would be best to allow him to heal properly.

Matt and Jeff easily could work per date deals like so many others. TNA is losing many of their originals or built names to WWE and those like EC3 have been rumored to depart as well. Due to the uncertainty still surrounding TNA, many are abandoning ship, as it might be best at the end of the day. TNA had issues with pay even when they were with Spike TV. Imagine how it will be now that there is said to be no set money being made with Pop TV. On top of this, they have lost most if not all originals and top names for them like Sting and now Kurt Angle. TNA will literally be starting over.

[Photo by Joem Pollex/Getty Images]